Saturday, July 26, 2008

Secret Beauty Stash

Oh, Victoria's Secret--how I love thee.

Their latest Beauty Rush Mini Bag is perfect for a night on the town. The bag itself is 6"L x 3 1/2"H; small enough to keep with you at all times, and large enough to stash a few of your night-out necessities.

Included in this gorgeybag is a .24 oz. Body Mist in Appletini (yum!) and a Full-size Lip Gloss in Strawberry Fizz (flattering on almost every skin tone). There's even enough room for your cell phone, and a mini pack of breath mints!

At $12, this set is definitely a steal.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Drunk Chic: the New Heroin Chic?

In a shockingly frank observation, it seems that the trend of "Drunk Chic" is taking over the world of fashion. The picture to the left is merely one example of this (note the lovely half-opened-eye look). Is this our generation's version of Heroin Chic? Quite arguably a safer route than heroin, drinking hard liquor is this summer's hottest accessory.

Do I agree with the look? Not completely. Is it a fashion faux-pas? No. But as we all know, style changes. One day you are "in", and the next you are "out". There are no warnings (do we really need another season of bold plaid pants?)

This Summer, just grab a fruity alcoholic beverage and go with the flow. The upside is that if you lose your purse, you have an excuse. The downside is that you might also look like an idiot.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Oh, You're Making me Blush!

My latest blog about New York Color reminded me about the blush I just bought from them a little while ago at Rite Aid. Despite the fact that I just wrote a blog about how awesome the NYC website is, their latest blush is not on there. It is also not on the Rite Aid website. So I'm starting to think that I'm going crazy and I have the one and only of this product.

Anyway, New York Color came out with this great product, Blush Gleamer. I only saw it in one shade--First Sunrise--but that doesn't mean that there aren't more out there.

It's more of a face brightener than a blush (for most people), but since I am very fair skinned I wear it as a blush and it looks fab.

The compact combines a few different shades of pinks and some "gleamer", which I can only describe as a really fine glitter (I hate to use that word). There is very little of this in the blush, and on the skin it mainly serves to highlight and freshen up skin.

Hopefully this product will be online at some point, so I can post a link. Until then, I suppose you'll all just have to check out your local Rite Aid. Sorry, ladies!

Who Knew? Drugstore Beauty Tips

I'm always a fan of drugstore makeup--i don't discriminate. If there is a brand of makeup out there, I probably own at least one of their products. New York Color (NYC) is no exception. They've always been my go-to brand for trying new lip gloss shades or bright nail polish (both, by the way, are great quality).

Even though I've always loved them, I never thought to look up their website. It's actually really good. You can find stores that sell the brand, get a heads up on new products they're coming out with, and my favorite: beauty tips!

The tips section changes depending on the season and actually gives some valuable information. The website is much more than simply an ad for the company--it's a great site to browse around on. Check it out, and if you haven't tried the brand hop over to the drugstore!

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