Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fashion Faux Pas: CARGO Jeggings!!!

I've made my thoughts about jeggings pretty clear.  I hate them practically more than anything else in the world.  They're not flattering in the least bit.  In fact, they tend to add bulk and make your hips look HUGE, regardless of how thin you are.  That said, I thought that plain old jeggings were as bad as it got.  Unfortunately, I was mistaken.

Oodles ofstores are now selling cargo jeggings (including the Gap, Kohl's, and New York & Co . The pants include side pockets, like regular cargo pants, but are tight and unflattering just like jeggings.  It's a horrible combo.  Whoever came up with this idea needs to be punched in the face. 

The extra side pockets only serve to make your thighs look ridiculously large in comparison to the rest of your body.

I just don't get why anyone would find this look attractive.  And it's not even like the cargo pockets serve a purpose--you can't really carry things in them since the pants themselves are so tight.  All that they do is add bulk.  The whole thing boggles my mind!

Wear regular pants, people. It's not that difficult, and you won't look like a huge loser.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bath & Body Works Summer VIP Bag

Yay!! I love Bath & Body Works with a passion.  I especially love when they put together cute bags of goodies!

Their latest bag 'o' treats is their Summer VIP Bag.  When you spend $30 on anything in the store, you get this fantastic bag for $20 (it's a $75 value!!) Exciting, no? Here's what comes in the set:
  • Coconut Passionfruit Shower Gel (10 oz.)
  • Coconut Passionfruit Body Lotion (8 oz.)
  • Coconut Passionfruit Fragrance Mist (8 oz.)
  • Full-size Anti-Bac Gentle Foaming Hand Soap (8 oz.) in Guava Grapefruit
  • Cotton Candy Lip Gloss
  • True Blue Mini Hand Lotion
  • Scentportable in Pink Sangria
  • Pink Gauze Sponge
  • Mini Candle in Salty Carmel
  • Purple 4 Ever PocketBac with matching holder
Not bad, right?! All of the products in the bag are amazing and perfect for the end of summertime. And it's ridiculously easy to spend $30 at B&B Works in order to redeem it. My suggestions?  Check out some of their True Blue Spa products and pamper yourself! Or stock up on some fabbity-fabulous lip products.  Make sure to throw in a tube of C.O. Bigelow's Mentha Lip Tint in Magenta Mint.  You'll love the sheer bright pink color, and your lips will feel minty fresh all day long.

The VIP Bags are only going to be around for a limited time, so get shopping!

Limit 1 bag per order. Must enter code SUMMERBAG11 at checkout to redeem. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Nicole by OPI Something About Color Collection

Nicole by OPI has some fab new shades just in time for fall.  The four new hues are superb and very unique.  The colors are perfect for the summer to fall transition.  Per usual, the names of the polishes are what really get me excited!!! Here's the rundown:

Green up your Act-- This shade is an olive green with a hint of blue to it.  It's kind of murky-looking, but for some reason, I'm utterly addicted to it. It seems to be taking over as this seasons "greige" (gray-beige) neutral.  The color looks scary at first, but it's actually quite flattering on most skintones.  This is a color that will be all over the place this fall and starting with your nails is a great way to get a jump start on the color trend. The finish is smooth and gorgeous, with an almost creamy quality to it.

Sounds Grape to me--  Definitely more of a "raisin" color, than anything resembling other grape-colored polishes I own.  That said, I really like the color.  I might hold off until fall to bust this one out, but wine is always a good color to wear.  While it's still warm out, rock the color on your toes.  As it gets a bit cooler, pack up your pretty pastel polishes and use this as a basic go-to polish for your fingers.

It's Not Me, It's Blue--  The prettiest periwinkle polish I've ever laid eyes on!  This color is by far my fave of the collection.  The color is difficult to explain.  It definitely has a periwinkle base, but it also has more gray than you would expect. Normally, I'd consider periwinkle more of a spring color, but the gray adds depth and a darker quality that is perfect for the upcoming colder months.

I Love You Cherry Much--  This hue is a bright, sparkly red that I think is actually quite seasonless.  You can wear this polish all-year-round for a glitzy, glam look.  The red has some cooler undertones to it, hence the "cherry" desciprion in the title.  I'd say that's pretty accurate.  And being such a huge fan of red polishes, I can already tell that this will be one of my new fave reds of all time!

The collection is absolutely to die for!  Each polish retails for under $8 and is available in August 2011only at select Target locations and at

Disclosure: This post contains a sample product sent for consideration by a PR firm. My priority is to you, and I honor that commitment by being honest! If you have any questions about this, please email me.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fashion Faux Pas: the Yeti Vest

My least favorite fall trend EVER is the latest fur vest look.  Everyone is trying to sell them, and some fashionistas are being tricked into thinking this look is cool. Unfortunately, the reality is that wearing a fur vest makes you look like a yeti.  Or like you're wearing a vest that is made from a dead yeti.  I'm not sure which is worse.

However, I do like the idea of wearing something like this for Halloween. It's a little bit scary; a little bit snuggly.  But definitely not something anyone should ever wear in real life.  Even if you add a belt or something else to make it seem fashionable.  There's just nothing you can do to make this acceptable to wear in public.

Oodles of designers are jumping on board with the whole yeti look.  The pictured vest is surprisingly from Michael Kors (who I usually love!) and costs $650.  In fact, the online shop offers up tons of fur vests that go all the way up to thousands of dollars!

If I see anyone wearing a yeti vest in the near future, I will puke all over their face. I suggest you all do  the same. No questions asked.  There's just no excuse for dressing up like a yeti.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

You're Never too Old for a Coloring Book!

When I was just a little fashionista, coloring books were my thing.  I loved coloring with a passion and would often mix crayon colors or draw shapes inside of the lines to make my pictures look unique.

Now that I'm 25, I don't tend to buy coloring books.  It's probably not socially acceptable to buy them unless I have a child with me. But this adorable My Wonderful World of Fashion Coloring Book from Fred Flare is the cutest thing I've ever seen!  It makes me want to run out and buy some crayons right now and color nonstop (hey, I have a few years to make up for!)

The book features tons of pictures for the fashion obsessed and even has a few pages dedicated to DIY projects!  What's not to love?!

Each book is about $20.  Not a bad investment for a grown-up coloring book!

Quickie Makeover: Mindy

There's nothing I love more than playing with my lady friends' faces!  Makeovers are my fave thing to to and anytime someone is willing to let me play, I take the opportunity and jump for joy!  My friend, Mindy, was more than willing to let me try out a new look on her and she was pleasantly surprised with the results.  Here's how I created the look:
  1.  I applied a tinted moisturizer all over Mindy's face.  Not only did it cover up some trouble areas, it also worked as a primer for the makeup I was applying.  It made a great base and evened out her skintone, which is a HUGE deal.  I like tinted moisturizer more than foundation, especially in the summer, because it lets your natural beauty shine through.  No one wants to look like they've got tons of makeup caked on. It's simply not flattering.
  2. Next, I brushed on a light shimmery eye shadow as a base.  Victoria's Secret has some great ones--their Silky Eye Shadow in Lustre (a champagne-ish hue) works perfectly for this.  It adds just enough shimmer to draw attention to the eye, but since it's a shimmer rather than a glitter shadow, you don't end up looking like a disco ball. Win-win!!
  3. After the eyeshadow base was applied, I used a soft black eyeliner pencil (Prestige has a divine Soft Khol Liner that applies smoothly and blends like a dream).  Using the soft black pencil, I lined Mindy's lids, starting with a thin line on the inside corner and working out to a thicker line towards the outer edge.  This lifts the eye and flatters nearly every eye shape.  I also used a light brown pencil on the bottom lash line, but only on the outer half of the eye--again, to give the illusion of a more lifted eye.
  4. Next, I used a few different brown eye shadows to create a subtle smokey eye.  A medium brown hue worked as an all-over color, while dark brown blended nicely into the black liner and on the outside corner of the lid.  The colors in Sephora's Beauty in a Box Brown Smoky Eye Palette rock for this step.
  5. Using a light concealer, I covered up the under-eye area.  I always save this step for after the eye shadow has been applied because if any shadow is spilled or smudged under the eye area, it's an easy fix since there's no makeup there to begin with.  It also works as a great blending tool for the lower lash line--blend the concealer upwards and smudge it into the liner for a more natural, less harsh, look.
  6. Next, I curled Mindy's lashes using a simple eyelash curler.  You don't need to go crazy and spend tons of money on a curler.  Most of the time, the lash curlers you see at drugstores are totally sufficient.
  7. After curling the lashes, I applied two coats of Hard Candy's 1,000 Lashes Mascara.  It uses actual fibers to extend lashes.  For extra glam, I also added a couple coats of CoverGirl's LashBlast Mascara.  I really love this stuff because it leaves lashes clump-free, while adding volume at the same time.
  8. Lastly, I used a big fluffy brush and swept on a light bronzer where the sun would naturally hit, and a bright blush underneath the cheekbones.
I also added a little hot pink lipstick, just for fun, but it didn't go over very well!  Other than that, Mindy was super happy with her new look.  Even though it looks like there are oodles of instructions, the look is really simple to create and can be achieved in under 15 minutes. Any thoughts?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My New Kicks!

Sneakers have really never been my thing.  Growing up, I usually had a pair for gym class and cheerleading, but as soon as that all ended, so did my desire for sneakers.  I don't think I've even owned a pair since college.

Well, that ended yesterday! My main squeeze bought me a pair of these adorable DC Chelsea Skate sneakers that I am in LOVE with. The pink plaid and added charms really tickle my fancy.  Being a heels girl, this might sound crazy, but these new shoes are probably my fave pair at the moment!

Bonus? Since my feet are ridiculously tiny, I got to get them child-sized.  That's probably why the shoes are adorned with charms galore. I don't hate it.

This pair is about $45.  If you have adult-size feet (like most people), these pink and lime DC sneakers also look fab, but are $55.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Illamasqua's New Magenta Muse Collection

Illamasqua is a beauty line that I've only recently become acquainted with.  That said, it's now at the top of my list for makeup products.  The quality in each product is simply amazing.  Everything is highly pigmented and the colors are fabulous.  Their latest Magenta Muse collection contains the following gorgey products:

Cream Pigment - $24
Bring out your bold side with this gloriously rich, extremely pigmented cream. Use to adorn eyes, face and body, and apply with fingers or a brush for a buildable, matt, water-resistant finish. Layer under Illamasqua Powder Eye Shadow for an added intense effect. A highly pigmented new matt formula that can either neutralise or dominate. Create the ultimate in textures whether it’s on your face, eyes, or body, bringing a flash of colour to a subtle contour. This formula provides coverage and adhesion for Powder Eye Shadow and Pure Pigment intensification.

Dab – Matt Lilac
Mould – Matt Grape

Pure Pigment - $24
Made to be played with. A metallic, high-shine, pure-colour powder that highlights eyes, cheeks and brows. Mix with eye shadow, powder blusher or use it on its own to intense effect.  Bring out your bold side.

Android- shimmering gunmetal
Liquid Metal - $26
Prepare to dazzle with this gloriously rich and highly pigmented metallic cream. Use to adorn eyes, face and body, and apply with fingers or a brush. Release your inhibitions and illuminate your alter ego.

Enrapture – Metallic Copper

Powder Blusher - $24
Illuminate and enliven your complexion with the color and drama of Illamasqua Powder Blusher. Color intense and highly pigmented, it can be used to shade, brighten, enhance, and define the shape of your face. Be bold, be daring, and be the center of attention with this matt formula that can either neutralize or dominate. Create the ultimate in textures whether it’s on your face, eyes, or body, bringing a flash of colour to a subtle contour.

Hussy –Bright Petal Pink
Excite – Vibrant Coral

Precision Ink - $27.50
Create looks with attitude. The Precision Ink’s fine tip allows for defined application, making it perfect for use anywhere - on the face or on the body. It dries within seconds and stays true for hours, so whatever you scrawl on your skin, you know your creation will last until dawn.

Glister- Opalescent Nude
Abyss - Gloss Black

Lipstick - $22
Intense Lipstick with a highly pigmented formula that glides on smoothly, creating a statement that one simply cannot look away from.

Test – Matt Pinky Beige
Underworld - Iridescent Violet

Sheer Lipgloss - $20
Come out of the shadows with a high-shine punch of colour. Glossy, intense, and highly pigmented, Illamasqua Sheer Lipgloss is long-lasting, both on the lips and in the mind.

Electrify – Baby Pink Sheen
Tantrum – Deep Violet Sheen

Nail Varnish - $14
Leave your mark with an unexpected claw. Choose from either toxic pastels or unmissable neons. Hardwearing and chip-resistant, they’ll last until you’re ready to try your next favourite in the collection.

Lament - bright coral pink/ glossy finish
DWS - cement gray/ glossy finish
Muse – deep teal blue/ glossy finish
Jo Mina - electric lilac/ glossy finish
Poke - Bright Violet Purple shimmer
Scorn – Matt Black

Personally, I'm a huge fan of the nail varnishes.  The colors are super unique and apply very smoothly to the nail.  Here's a pic of the latest collection:

I love the mix of super bright colors and muted hues.  Each of these colors are flattering on all skintones (even if you might be scared to try it!)

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sheer Lipgloss in Tantrum (a Deep Violet Sheen):

It looks a bit wild, but when you apply it to your lips, it actually goes on as sheer as possible, leaving behind only a trace of purple.  It's enough to make people look twice at your lips, but not in a "what is she thinking?!" sort of way, which is really the ultimate goal with beauty products.

You can pick up your own Illamasqua products at Sephora.

Disclosure: This post contains a sample product sent for consideration by a PR firm. My priority is to you, and I honor that commitment by being honest! If you have any questions about this, please email me.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Revlon's Just Tinted Nail Polish

I probably own over 100 bottles of nail polish.  It's my weakness.  My fiance actually gave me one of his desk drawers to put them in so that they didn't take up the entire apartment.  I'm really trying to cut back, but there are so many cute polishes out there that I can't stop!

My latest love is Revlon's Just Tinted nail polish.  It goes on sheer, yet evenly, which is difficult for a nail polish to do.  The polishes are perfect for summer, as they basically make your nails look like popsicles. The collection includes four hues:  Desire (a fushia pink), Victorian (a watermelon-esque shade), Dawn (an orange/peach color) and Mystical (a plum hue).

All the colors are gorgeous, but I really like Desire best.  The sheer bright fuchsia looks fab on all skintones and is just gorgeous on!  The colors apply so easily--one coat leaves you with a super sheer look, while two coats gives you more color (but still remains sheer).

You can get a bottle of your own for under $6!  Not too shabby!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fashion Faux Pas: Jeggings

Jeggings honestly make me sick.  For those of you who are out of the loop, jeggings are leggings that have a denim look to them.  But they're still leggings.  I think that the people who wear them simply can't decide whether they want to wear leggings or jeans, so they go for this hideous look.

I just don't get it.  I like regular leggings (even though my fiance hates them).  But I wear them under skirts or dresses to add some flair.  Jeggings seem to be more of an actual pant.  I don't know about any of you ladies, but I'm definitely not comfortable wearing skin tight leggings on their own.  Even if my legs were perfect, it would be an issue.

My advice?  Stick with regular leggings or throw on a pair of jeans.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Limited Edition Victoria's Secret PINK Tote! For FREE!!!

It should come as no surprise that anything free and fabulous catches my eye.  Currently, I'm head over heels for this Victoria's Secret PINK Tote.

The tote is limited edition and is only available until July 12th (Tuesday), so you have to act fast to get one.  All you need to do is purchase any PINK product (which isn't hard since everything is absolutely adorable!), type in TOTALLYPINK at the checkout, and the tote is yours.  Pretty easy, right?

You have a choice in colors: pink, black or purple.  Obviously the pink bag is my fave.  The tote is also pretty huge (22 1/2"W x 15"H) and can easily double as a beach bag.  Or, if you're like me, you can use it as a purse--sadly, I carry around more than enough stuff daily to need this much space.

Having trouble finding a PINK item to purchase? Try this cute All-Over Body Mist Gift Set.  The mini bottles are perfect for throwing in your purse, or giving away to friends!  And the set is only $25 for four fragrance minis.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my fabulous daddio's birthday!  I don't know what I'd do without him--he's a huge supporter of my writing and is always behind me 100%.  Thanks dad for being the best dad ever!!  Happy birthday!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bliss Rubberizing Mask

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical when I first heard about The new Fabulous Skin-Reviving Rubberizing Mask from Bliss.  My skin can be super sensitive and the idea of anything remotely rubber-esque touching my skin just sounded weird.

That said, after I actually tried the product, I immediately fell in love!  My skin felt clean and fresh and the mask worked perfectly on my sensitive skin.  It actually absorbs into the skin and peels back to reveal pores and renew skin.  It also contains oodles of powerful nutrients and antioxidants to give skin a vibrant look.

Here's how to use it:
  • Empty the packet into a mixing bowl, add a scoop of water and mix with the enclosed spatula into a smooth paste 
  • Paint the paste onto your face and neck with the spatula
  • Allow the mask to rubberize for 15-20munites
  • Peel off the mask in one swoop
  • Enjoy your new gorgeous skin!
Each box comes with six packets (good for six applications) and is available here for $38.

Disclosure: This post contains a sample product sent for consideration by a PR firm. My priority is to you, and I honor that commitment by being honest! If you have any questions about this, please email me.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Only Beach Bag You'll Ever Need

I know, I know...I have WAY too many bags.  But this Fashionable Notes Beach Bag is just too cute to pass up!

It's large enough to hold a few magazines, a big towel, suntan lotion, water and snacks galore!  The bag is also super easy to clean.  It's lined with a vinyl-esque material that can be wiped out in a jiffy!  There are also little rubber feet on the bag, so it doesn't have to actually touch the sand and get the bottom dirty.

The bag comes in a few different colors: brown, teal, red and tangerine. All the colors are adorable, but the light brown hue is classic and goes with anything.

Each bag is $38.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Need Fashion, Beauty or Writing Help?

Contact me here if you need anything from a makeover to picking out a special outfit for an event!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Nicole by OPI Introduces Texture Coat

I'm absolutely loving all the latest Nicole Texture collection!  Much like OPI's Shatter polishes, these add a crackle effect over any polish you already own.  The result is fabulous and the color combos are endless.  This latest collection includes all the basic colors you might need to create a unique, textured look to you nails:  turquoise (my personal fave!!!), silver, red, gold, black and white.

Here's an idea of the outcome:

I actually like the idea of trying out all the hues together. The look is incredibly unique and is perfect for summer!

To use the texture polishes, start off with a good base coat, followed by two coats of any polish.  Make sure to let the polish dry completely before applying the texture polish (one coat is all you need).  Waiting for the polish to dry is a very important step--the texture polish doesn't look nearly as amazing when it's applied over still-wet, or tacky polish.  Unfortunately, I found this out the hard way!  After the texture coat has dried, finish off with a thick top coat and admire your gorgey nails!

You can pick up a bottle of your own for under $8 at salons nationwide, as well as at ULTA, Target, Meijer, Harmon, Walgreens, Sears and H-E-B.


Disclosure: This post contains a sample product sent for consideration by a PR firm. My priority is to you, and I honor that commitment by being honest! If you have any questions about this, please email me.

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July, ladies!! Hope it's a fab, fashionable day for you all!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Get the Look for Less: Beautiful Bronze

Bronzer is probably the most important makeup product to use over the summer.  It adds a healthy glow to any skintone and is super easy to apply.  Two of my fave bronzers are LORAC's TANtalizer and Milani's
The main difference between the two products?  LORAC's bronzer is a steep $32, while Milani's is only about $9. Both products work the same way, essentially, and look fabulous on.  To use, I took a large, fluffy bronzing brush and blended the shades below my cheekbones (I also wore a highlighter above them).  This enhanced my cheekbones and made my face look incredibly less round.  Yay!  
Both products are amazing.  That said, I highly recommend purchasing the Milani bronzer to try out.  It comes in three different shades (whereas LORAC's product only has one color option).  It's so cheap in comparison to LORAC's bronzer that it's definitely worth a try.

If you're a LORAC fanatic (which I admittedly am), this may come as a huge shock to you. Here's a scary fact: most makeup lines are owned by one of only a few companies across the country.  It really makes you stop and think.  When you purchase a high-end product, you are basically paying for the packaging rather than the actual product itself.

The lesson? Try out drugstore brands for things like bronzer, blush, eyeshadow and mascara.  Chances are, you'll spend less money and still look fabulous! 

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