Friday, November 30, 2012

So I Finally Got on the BB Cream Wagon...

I know I'm a little behind with this.  I don't know why, but I just never got around to trying out the infamous BB creams until now.

And since I've started using L'oreal Studio Secrets Magic BB Cream, I can't believe I went without it for so long!

This particular cream is amazing, as are most L'oreal products--probably because the company is owned by Lancome.  That's why I usually start off with L'oreal in the first place.

Regardless, the cream promises to do tons of stuff for your skin (no matter what your skin type is).  It's supposed to prime, color correct, hydrate, and perfect skin, resulting in a natural, beautiful bare skinned look.

It definitely does all of that and more.  I found that my skin looked much better after use, and I didn't need to use nearly as much concealer or foundation as I normally do.  My skin just looked great on its own.  I love it!

The product applies white, but blends into skin as your perfect, unique shade.  The more you blend, the better it looks.  It honestly kept my skin feeling soothed and hydrated all day long.

BB Cream is now one of my beauty staples and is Sassy Fashionista approved!  If you haven't tried it yet, you really have to.  L'oreal's cream is under $15.

Disclosure: This post contains a product sent for review consideration. My priority is to you, and I honor that commitment by being honest! If you have any questions about this, please email me.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Gift For Him: Vince Camuto Cologne

I don't know about the rest of you ladies, but I have a very difficult time buying gifts for the men in my life. I tend to alternate between boring stuff like socks and ties.  Not very unique or classy.

Luckily, I found the best gift for all guys: Vince Camuto Cologne! First of all, cologne is always a classy gift and I can't think of anyone who wouldn't want this sensational scent.

The brand has always been impressive, but this cologne is amazing.  I gave it to my boyfriend to test out and he's obsessed with it (and I'm a huge fan of the scent myself).

Of course, the bottle is what first caught my attention. I'll admit it, I judge books by their covers. I'm just big on packaging and this bottle screams class.

From the packaging’s royal blue interior, to the bottle encased in black leather, it's really a gorgeous bottle.  That said, it isn't feminine-looking at all.  The bottle has something very "James Bond" about it.

Now on to the actual scent.  The cologne has notes of black pepper, nutmeg, musk, and surprisingly, leather. It's a woody scent that smells great on everyone. There's something very grown-up and refined about it.  This isn't something for a teenager.  It's a manly fragrance in every way.

What I like most is that while the scent is strong, it's not overpowering.  There's nothing worse than a guy smelling like he bathed in cologne.  A couple spritzes of this stuff goes a long way.  It also works for any occasion.  It's not too fancy to wear during the day, nor is it too low key for an evening out.

My boyfriend said that this is his new favorite cologne and I have to agree that it kicks ass. I could smell it on him all day and be happy.  This is definitely a fabulous gift for any guy in your life.

Vince Camuto for Men eau de toilette sells for $57 for the 1.7 fl oz, and $70 for the 3.4 oz on their website and major department stores.

Be on the lookout for a giveaway! I do have a bottle to give away, so keep checking the site for more info!

Disclosure: This post contains a product sent for review consideration. My priority is to you, and I honor that commitment by being honest! If you have any questions about this, please email me.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Want a Ring? Oui Oui!

There are multiple reasons why I'm obsessed with this Oui Ring from Street Bauble.

I love written word jewelry (this Fuck Off Bracelet is another awesome example). There's just something cool about it in general.  It looks classy and unique, which are things I look for in accessories.

I also have a fondness for the French language. After taking it for years back in high school, I can speak it fluently...or at least my hybrid of French and English, Franglish.  Regardless, "oui" was probably the first word I leaned (other than a few phrases my grandparents used when they didn't want me to know what they were talking about).

It's the language of love.  Wearing a ring that simply says "oui" is a way to tell the world, "YES! I am cultured, and know lots of French words!" or it can simply be worn as a cute ring.

Either way, the ring comes in a ridiculous amount of sizes, which makes me super happy; my ring size is a 2.5 and I can never find rings that aren't made for children.

The ring is also on sale for the week for $27 (normally $45) and ships free! Really??! Oui!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Travel with Style

'Tis the season for traveling!  It can definitely be touch to stay beautiful and feel comfy while on a long plane ride.

Here are a few essentials to make your trip easier:

Blotting Sheets 
These guys arre super helpful. You should really carry these all the time.  But for traveling, they're great.  You Keep some powder blotting sheets on hand to you’re your face looking fresh and soft throughout the flight, layover, and beyond. Try NYX Blotting Papers (about $4)

Sleep Mask
Get some beauty rest while you can, and don’t let the creepy guy with the huge reading light keep you awake -- you'll arrive well-rested and ready to go.  Check out this adorable Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired mask ($29.95).

Tooth Tabs
Is there anything worse than falling asleep on an airplane and waking up with gross cotton mouth? Absolutely not. These tooth tabs will get things foamy and fresh without water. These Chou Chou...I Love You tabs by Lush are great (and under $5).

Dry Shampoo
Greasy hair is a traveling girl’s worst enemy. When a shower isn’t an option, grab some dry shampoo and you're good to go. Oscar Blandi's Pronto Dry Shampoo is fab because it comes in a travel size and won't dry out your hair ($11).

Extra Pair of Undies
This might sound silly, but this is one of the most important things to keep with you on a trip.  Whether you want to change on the plane, or your luggage gets lost, you can at the very least put on clean undies.  Mom would be so proud.  You can't go wrong with a pair of Hello Kitty panties ($8.50)!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Michael Kors and Estee Lauder Team up for a Fab GWP!

I know, I know...I get a little [a lot] crazy when it comes to GWPs (gifts with purchase), but I am absolutely in love with Estee Lauder's latest Michael Kors Holiday Gift Set.

I've always been a Michael Kors fan--but while his products are gorgeous, they're a bit pricey.  So since this gift set happens to come with a Michael Kors makeup bag, I'm officially obsessed.  Even if the gift was only the bag itself, I'd get it.  It's just super cute and classy--you can even use it as a clutch!

As for the actual makeup, everything included is fantastic.  Estee Lauder has always been one of my go-to makeup lines.  I've yet to find a product from them that I haven't loved.  This set has almost everything you need to get through the holiday season.

When you purchase any Estee Lauder fragrance purchase, you get this set for $38.50.  Personally, I think it's definitely worth it!

Here's what you get:
  • Deluxe Blush Compact containing PC Blush in Soulful Spice Shimmer, Brazen Bronze Shimmer & Lover's Blush Shimmer
  • NEW Pure Color Lipstick - Cherry Passion
  • Pure Color Gloss - Garnet Desire Shimmer
  • Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara in Extreme Black
  • NEW PC Intense Kajal Eyeliner in Blackened Black
  • NEW PC Nail Lacquer in Enchanted Garnet
  • Black Michael Kors Case with new applicator

The gift is a $200 value and you get tons of products (most of which are fairly new for the season).  Personally, I'm loving the red nail polish and cherry lipstick!  So classic for this time of year.

Need some ideas on what to spend $38.50 on?  Well there are tons of fab scents that you can get for yourself, or as a gift.  I really love their White Linen fragrance.  It's a nice fresh scent that's perfect for anyone, and is wearable year-round.

Quantities are limited, so be sure to jump on this!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fashion Faux Pas: the Expensive Sequin Hat

There are very few sequined things in life that are okay to wear.  This stupid hat by Rachael Zoe is not one of them.

First off--Rachael Zoe hasn't really been a high-end designer in the past, so I must have missed the transition.

Also did I miss this random new trend? It looks like some sort of hybrid of a beret and...I don't even know what.  Even the model looks like she's just wearing a huge ass beret.  Her face even says "I can't believe I'm wearing this piece of crap". The hat itself is ridiculous.  And of course the sequins do not help, as with most ugly things.

I think that sometimes designers make ugly products and think to themselves, "hmm, well, if we throw some sequins on there, it can be fashionable." Not true.  They make everything worse (except for a cute mini skirt).

If for some reason, you're diggin' this hat (FYI:  I will probably beat you to death), keep in mind that it's $225!!

What??! For an ugly hat?

I wouldn't pay that much even if the hat was made of gold, and was my most coveted fashion accessory ever.  It's just crazy.

That is all.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lipstick Crayons!!

The holiday season is slowly creeping up, and I don't hate it!  Designers are coming out with fabulous items and there are gift sets galore!

Right now, I'm totally lusting after Kate Spade's Lip Crayons.

I mean, how cute are they??! I have to admit that the packaging is what initially got me interested. The crayon box is a nice touch (and it doesn't hurt that it's pink).

This little set comes with three gorgeous lip colors in party-ready shades of burgundy, red and peach. They're all super flattering on most skintones and apply like normal lipstick would.  They're highly pigmented, so you get a lot of color. Bonus? Each crayon is small enough to fit in a clutch for a Holiday party!

They'd make a great gift (buy one for a friend and one for yourself!) Each set is $38.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Look Party Perfect

Holiday parties are starting to pop up all over the place! I love getting all dressed up, but sometimes I simply don't have the time, or energy, to go crazy with a cute look. But don't fret, I've got some fab tips to make you look party perfect no matter what!

Freshen up your complexion. It's very important to take care of your skin.  Without a nice canvas to work with, no amount of makeup is going to make you look gorgeous.  It's just a fact.  So first of all, make sure to moisturize everyday.  If you're in a rush (like going straight to a party from work), stash some blotting papers in your bag.  They go a long way--no one wants to have oily skin.  Throughout the day, smooth out your concealer, so there are no creases under your eyes.  You can also keep a makeup sponge and foundation with you for spot application where it's needed.  Adding a light dusting of translucent powder to the face is the last step! You can do all of this within five minutes and you don't have to carry around your entire makeup bag all day.

Get glowing. Skin can look a bit dull at times and a touch of shimmer is the answer.  It's the quickest way to brighten up your complexion.  Just apply it to your cheekbones, and you'll instantly look more fabulous.

Emphasize your eyes. No matter how tired you are, the right eye makeup can hide it, while creating an alluring look at the same time.  I usually go with my smoky brown eye look when I'm tired because it's quick and looks great.  But you can use the same concept with any color palette--parties are a great place to try out different, bright colors.  Also try adding some shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes.  It makes them look wider and more awake.

Choose your lip color without fear.  Lots of women end up using the same lipstick for parties as they do during the day.  Honestly, that's boring.  With the rest of you dressed up, it looks weird to have your lips not "dressed up" as well. Think of it like wearing workout clothes with high heels--it's just the wrong mix. One of the easiest way to get party-ready is to apply a bright lip hue.  I'm talking bright reds, fuchsia -whatever tickles your fancy! It makes them pop and instantly makes you look fab.  If you're the type of person that doesn't wear lipstick, or is a bit scared to go bright,  you can always go with a pink or mauve hue and layer on a shimmery gloss for a similar effect.

Revitalize skin the morning after. Chances are, you'll be feeling a bit hungover and your complexion won't be at its best.  The first step to looking beautiful in the morning actually starts the night before.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to remove your makeup before going to bed. Especially eye makeup. If you don't have the energy for a full cleansing, just use makeup remover wipes.  You can even leave them on your nightstand for easy access.  You'll notice that your eyes are less puffy and your skin is brighter.

Hide the morning-after dark circles with concealer.  Concealer is my BFF.  But when picking one out, make sure that it's light enough to cover dark circles--but not so light that makes it look like you're wearing a white mask around your eyes.  Go with a matte finish.  It doesn't draw attention to the under eye area.  They also last longer, so you won't have to touch up your look throughout the day.  You can also add a little shimmer to other parts of your face to draw attention away from under your eyes.

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Have a Fab Thanksgiving!!

Wishing you all a fabbity-fabulous Thanksgiving! I hope you all get to spend time with your loved ones (I know I am!)

FYI, in case you don't know, Thanksgiving means you can take a break from whatever diet you're on and eat tons of stuff all day long.  It's a holiday, so it obviously doesn't count as calories.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Add Some Sparkle to Your Hair!

So a while ago (before Halloween), I was shopping with my sister for costumes.  I found this Goodmark Gold Glitter Spray mixed in with all the other Halloween hair accessories.  I ended up buying it because who doesn't want glitter in their hair for Halloween?!

But when I tried it out, it actually looked fabulous and not disco-ball-esque as I had expected.  When I used just a little bit, my hair had a light dusting of gold shimmer that basically made my hair look shiny.

I'm not saying this is a product for everyday use.  Wearing glitter in your hair isn't really appropriate for the office, or visiting your Grandma.  But if you're going out (possibly to a fab Holiday party and definitely for New Years Eve!), this stuff really looks awesome.

The only thing you have to worry about is spraying on too much.  That will make your hair look like a disco ball.  Make sure to hold the can a good few inches away from your head and use tiny, quick sprays.  I find that it looks prettiest when you only apply it to the lower layer of hair, rather than on top.  That way, little pieces pop out and the look isn't overkill.

The best part? Since the spray is a Halloween product, you can get it for under $3!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Macy’s Makes it Easy!

We’re getting closer to the holiday season, and that means shopping for gifts for your loved ones (and maybe a couple things for yourself).  I normally spend countless hours, and take multiple trips to stores, looking for the perfect gifts for everyone on my list.  It gets a little overwhelming, especially because a lot of other people are doing the same thing.  It just becomes a crowded, time consuming event.

I’m loving the solution that Macy’s has come up with.  They've got a fabulous Gift Guide to help you pick out gifts for literally anyone.  The guide has links to gifts in multiple categories.  “Gifts for Dad” and “Gifts for Boyfriend” are quite handy.  I always have trouble coming up with things to buy for the men in my life, and usually end up buying something last minute.

ION Audio Karaoke Pro
The guide helps you find gifts for the people in your life that are hard to shop for; whoever it may be.  As for the men’s section, there are some really great gifts suggested.  I found a lot of things that I never would have come up with on my own—like a Candy Dispenser, a Karaoke System, and a really cool Wireless Weather Forecast Station.  I didn't even know that Macy’s sold those items!

Of course, the guide also includes products for practical guys who wouldn't really enjoy the gift of being able to sing karaoke at any given time during the day.  The cologne giftsets are fantastic (and most of them are on sale)!

As for women, I always find that there’s always someone that’s hard to shop for.  I like the fact that the guide suggests gifts that cover all bases.  For mom, they've got gorgeous sweaters and slippers.  For siblings (depending on the age), oodles of items are recommended.

Benefit Primed for Takeoff Set
And as for beauty-lovers?  Well, luckily they have a whole section devoted to that, complete with value makeup gift sets. I'm really obsessed with the Benefit Primed for Takeoff Makeup Set.  It's a Macy's Exclusive!  I'll def be spending a lot of time looking at all the makeup goodies!

I’m a huge fan of the Gift Guide.  It’s a great idea, and really makes holiday shopping easier.  Since it’s broken down into multiple categories, you don’t have to waste any time sifting through hundreds of gifts that have nothing to do with what you’re looking for.  The guide makes shopping way less stressful, and takes way less time than going from store to store.  You can actually get all your shopping done in a day, in the comfort of your own home.

It’s a really amazing guide—check it out for yourself!

I also want to mention that you all check out Macy's Black Friday deals.  They've always got the best sales!

Disclosure: This is a paid/sponsored post. My priority is to you, and I honor that commitment by being honest! If you have any questions about this, please email me. 

The Perfect Red Nail Polish

In past seasons, I haven't really been one to sport red polish.  I'm not really sure why, but I just didn't think it was flattering on me.

This season, red is really in style, so red nail polish is all over the place.  I took the opportunity to see if I could find my "perfect red".

I tried a bunch of different hues, and spent time going through my sample nail polish box, until I finally found Orly's Ignite color.  It's part of their latest Fired Up collection, which contains a bunch of fab fire-inspired colors, but I was instantly drawn to Ignite.

The bottle looked like it contained a very dark, almost burgundy hue.  But as I applied it, I noticed that the result was much different than I expected--in a good way.  The formula is almost gel-like and has a sheerness to it.  After two coats, I ended up with a bright cherry red (which I found very pretty and classic).  I wanted to see how dark it would get though, so I kept on piling a couple more thin layers on.  It does get darker with each coat, but it never reached the dark burgundy color that is seen in the bottle.

I'm actually really happy with this, because it turns out I'm in love with the shade it provides.  But for anyone who's looking to purchase it, be aware that the color is much different from the bottle!

You can get a bottle for around $5.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Brown Smoky Eye Tutorial

The neutral smoky eye look is something that can be worn anytime.  It's my go-to look, because it isn't crazily dark (like a black smoky eye), and it goes with everything.

To start, you need three eyeshadows--a light gold or white (for us pale ladies), medium brown, and darker brown. I like to use ELF's Mineral Eyeshadow for all three colors.  They apply smoothly and are very easy to blend.

So here's how to do it!

It's very important to start with a fresh face.  Use a lightweight moisturizer right before applying makeup  It makes skin smoother and makeup applies easier on moisturized skin.

Next apply the golden shade over the entire lid, all the way up to the browbone. This creates an even canvas for the darker hues.

Take the medium brown shade and apply it from the lashline to the crease. Blend it up, a little past the crease.  Blending is very important.  I cannot stress this enough.  Without blending, eyeshadow just looks crappy. So make sure to blend!


Take the darker shade and apply it to the outer corners of the lid. I also like to take a small brush and use it as a liner.  Again, make sure to blend, blend, blend!  Then take the lightest color and apply it to the inner corners of your eyes.  This makes them pop and instantly lifts up your eyes.

Add a little dark brown eyeliner if you want your eyes to look more defined. Revlon's ColorStay SoftFlex liner in black brown, is the darkest brown I've found. It less harsh as pure black liner, so it's okay to wear during the day, and it definitely gets the job done.  Apply it to the outer half of your eye's lashline. Then curl your lashes and apply three coats of a voluminousness mascara. I absolutely love Maybelline's Volum'Express in brownish black.

Then, you're done!  With the eyes, anyway.  I suggest doing eye makeup before applying concealer and foundation, as shadow often ends up falling under your eye while you apply it.  It can get pretty messy, so it's best to just take a makeup wipe once you're finished with your eye makeup and use whatever concealer or foundation you use.  A great choice is CoverGirl's TruBlend concealer.

Because your eyes are the focal point of your face, you want to keep the rest of it fairly low-key.  That means a light swipe of blush, and just a hint of lipgloss.

And here's the finished look!

Hope you ladies found this helpful! 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

That's a Wrap!

Since I have such ridiculously tiny wrists, I have a hard time finding bracelets.  I'm sure people with larger wrists have the same issue.  I'm not sure of the percentage, but I honestly doubt that the majority of people have "normal"-sized wrists.

My solution? Wrap bracelets.  They're the most adjustable bracelets out there and they can be super cute.

I just found this particular Burgundy Wrap Bracelet from Blu Lua and I'm completely obsessed with it.

The bracelet (and all of the other wrap bracelets Blu Lua has to offer) are handwoven with a combination of small and graduated beads on leather.  For most wrists, it wraps around five times, though as I pointed out, it is adjustable.  And how adorable is the button closure?!

Okay so there are two other reasons I love the bracelet.  First of all, it's on sale for $23 (marked down from $40).  Secondly, $2 of each purchase goes to the Miami Children's Hospital Foundation.

The foundation was established to create a world-class pediatric hospital so no child need leave South Florida for superior medical care. Even though I live in New England, it's always nice to give to a cause like this.

Check out the entire site for more fab jewelry!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hello Kitty Goes Wild

As you know, I'm a Hello Kitty addict.  Anything that has to do with her immediately goes on my wish list. I mean, I've even got a Hello Kitty toaster! That's dedication.

Hello Kitty just came out with a Wild Thing makeup collection, which I absolutely adore.  There are oodles of products in the collection, so it's hard to pick a favorite.  But if I was forced to choose, I'd have to go with the Wild Thing Makeup Pallet. I'm a huge fan of pallets, so a Hello Kitty palette is right up my alley.

This metallic, animal-print palette comes with 12 eye shadows, eyeliner, and an compact mirror.  The shadows are quite pigmented and the colors are fabulous.  The eyeliner is actually the Pen Pal Liquid Eyeliner, which is also part of the collection and retails for $16. It applies very smoothly.

I'm also loving the fact that the palette comes with a matching compact mirror.  It's super cute, and fits in a purse or clutch with no problem.  One side is a regular mirror, and the other is 3x magnification.
This entire set is a $200 value, but Sephora is selling it for $49.  Not bad for all the great stuff you get!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Give the Gift of Smelling Fabulous!

The holiday season is not far away.  This time of the year goes by so fast that I usually end up doing my shopping last-minute.  So this year, I want to be prepared.  I'm looking for gifts now so that I won't be running around like a crazy person a couple days before Christmas.

I can't think of any woman who wouldn't love a fab fragrance like Jessica Simpson's Vintage Bloom.  The scent is timeless, yet unique at the same time.  It  isn't overly strong, but it definitely makes you smell amazing.  There's nothing worse than a bad-smelling, heavy perfume. Ugh. Vintage Bloom is on the total opposite end of the spectrum, and is perfect for anyone.

What makes it smell so amazing? The scent contains citrus notes from Calabrese lemon, Caipirinha lime zest and floral notes of raspberry bloom and stardust peony.  The result is a very fresh scent that be worn for any occasion, all year long!

Vintage Bloom is officially boyfriend approved.  Who doesn't want to smell great for their main squeeze? My boyfriend actually said, "You should make this your everyday perfume" without any prompting.  Pretty awesome, right?

You can purchase the fragrance at Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s and Dillard's.

The prices are as follows:
3.4 oz Eau de Parfum Spray $65.00
1.7 oz Eau de Parfum Spray $49.00
6.0 oz Body Lotion $30.00

Disclosure: This post contains a product sent for review consideration. My priority is to you, and I honor that commitment by being honest! If you have any questions about this, please email me.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Look For Less: Burgundy Nail Polish

This season, burgundy nails are all over the place--and I absolutely love it.  You might recall me going on and on about how much I practically worship Essie's Wicked polish in the past.  It's the perfect color for Fall and Winter...I actually wear it year-round.  For some reason, it acts as a neutral shade and goes with everything.  I've gone through several bottles (yes, I realize that I have a problem), and each bottle costs $8.  That's not a crazy amount of money, but I've been on the lookout for something cheaper for a while, just as a backup.

And I found it!  Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Fast Nail Color in Cinna-Snap looks almost exactly the same as Wicked.  And it's under $5.

I know that's not a huge savings, but hey--every dollar counts! I also like the fact that Cinna-Snap dries almost instantly, and one coat usually gets the job done.  With Wicked, I've often had to apply up to three coats for my nails to look opaque. I had to set aside about 45 minutes to paint my nails with it.  Cinna-Snap takes ten minutes, max.

Both polishes are great and I'll continue to use both of them (I mean, I'll always love Essie), but it's nice to have a cheaper, quicker option if I need it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TA DA!!!

You know you're awesome, so why not let the world know?!

These super cute Kate Spade Ta Da Earring studs tell it like it is.

I absolutely love them! They have the perfect balance between cheesy and classic.  Because they're made from 14 karat gold, they're perfect for anyone with sensitive ears. Also, since they're studs, the earrings won't take over your entire outfit.  They're kind of a neutral piece, so they go with virtually anything,

However, once people start checking you out, they'll be shouting "ta da!" from the rooftops!

These make a great gift--but let's be the "gift" for yourself.

Each pair is $48.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Fashion Faux Pas: Chanel’s Hula Hoop Bag

Oh Chanel...usually I love everything you have to offer, but this Hula Hoop Bag is simply ridiculous.

Apparently the bag is for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 season and is to be used, more or less, as a beach bag.


People have questioned that and designer Karl Lagerfeld recently explained the influence behind the design:  “It’s for the beach. You need space for the beach towel. And then you can put it into the sand and hang things on it.”

Ummm...okay. How practical! That doesn't really explain anything at all.

I am so saddened by this because I love Chanel.  I just don't get how this design made it to the runway.  How do you even create a bag like this?!  All I can picture is a big, important meeting with an intern sitting in the corner, saying "let's make a circle bag!" as a joke.

Unfortunately, it's no joke.  You can purchase this bag for the Spring/Summer season.  I'm sure it's crazily expensive.  So the combo of shelling out tons of money and using a bag that can double as a hula hoop makes me want to punch someone in the face.

If I ever see anyone wearing this bag, they'd better watch out!

I'm not kidding.

That is all.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

DIY Manicure Must-Haves

I've gone back and forth between getting my nails professionally done and doing them myself.  What I've realized is that, with the right tools, you can get the same look you would at a salon for a fraction of the price.

Here are a few tips:

For Hydrated Nails
The cuticles can get dry and rip (this happens to me a lot), which is why a hydrating cream or oil is def needed. Just a drop of this fab Deborah Lippman Hydrating Cuticle Treatment ($20) protects and soothes dry nailbeds.

For Softer Skin
AHAVA Dermud Intensive Mineral Hand Cream ($28) contains major moisture restorers like aloe and jojoba seed oil for perfectly hydrated hands and nails.

For Bleed-Free Color
Dark colors can bleed into the cuticle and surrounding skin. Not a great look. But Liquid Palisade ($22) prevents that from happening. Just brush on the clear liquid prior to painting your nails to create a barrier—when your nail polish is dry, just peel it off. Crazily simple, right?!

For Stronger Nails
With keratin, as well as thickening and strengthening ingredients, CND ToughenUp ($9) is a clear basecoat polish that helps thin nails grow. Added bonus? It protects nails from becoming brittle and thin.

Now I realize that the products are a little pricey.  But you really only need to buy them once.  They're all of the best quality and last practically forever.  What I tend to do with pricey products, is buy one a week, rather than dumping all my money at the drugstore in one crazily expensive trip.

However you choose to go about it, these products are amazing and your nails will definitely thank you!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nordstrom's November Clinique GWP!

It's that time again! Clinique has a fabbity-fabulous gift-with-purchase at Nordstrom!  Huzzah!  As most of you know, GWPs are one of my many obsessions, and this one looks amazing.

All you have to do is spend $28 on Clinique products (which isn't difficult, as every product they have is incredible) and you get all this:

  • 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse Off Formula (1 oz.)
  • Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (1 oz.)
  • High Lengths Mascara in Black (0.17 oz.)
  • Even Better Makeup SPF 15 in Neutral, Porcelain Beige, Sand or Deep Neutral (0.5 oz.)
  • Colour Compact Containing Blushing Blush Powder Blush in Cupid and Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo in Like Mink
  • Full-Size Long Last Lipstick in Merlot (0.14 oz.)
  • Clinique Happy Perfume Spray Mini (0.21 oz.)
  • Tracy Reese for Clinique Cosmetics Bag
Of course I'm loving the bag, and the products included look great.  The entire set is an $80 value, so you basically save money by spending the $28 and getting this freebie--at least that's what you can tell yourself to rationalize the purchase.

Happy shopping!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dave!!!

Happy Birthday to the most awesome guy in the entire world. For some, ridiculously crazy reason, he rocks my socks off.

He also happens to be quite the fashionisto (I'm assuming that's the male version of "fashionista"), without being too fashion-y. Here's a guest post he did about why he hates leggings, to give you an idea.

He's my best friend, my biggest supporter, and he definitely deserves a blog post honoring his birthday!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Men's Products Ladies Can Use!

Who says products have to be gender-specific?! There are tons of great men's products out there that work fabulously for everyone.

Here are a few of my personal faves:

Although this product is labeled for men, it's great for removing the peach fuzz from your upper lip, maintaining your bikini area, and abolishing any signs of a unibrow. Its small, singular blade makes grooming quick and easy for both sexes.

This shaving cream should be in every woman's shower. Not only is it cheaper than the average lady's shave gel, but because you only need a small dollop to cover an entire leg, a single can last a crazily long time. The best part? Barbasol's super thick and creamy formula never runs so it'll stay lathered on your legs even with the water running.

This oil not only smells wonderful, it's great for those who are prone to razor burn. Because it's packed with moisturizing antioxidants, it'll hydrate your skin for a smoother shave. Or, you can apply it after shaving for immediate relief. FYI: It's especially great for sensitive and dry areas, like your knees or underarms.

This pomade's long-lasting formula may keep men's short hair spiked for hours, but it's also fab for beachy, tousled waves or texturizing your hair for updos. Bonus: a tiny, pea-sized amount is all you need, so this little pot will last a very long time.

Guys use aftershave lotions or balms to cool and refresh their irritated skin, so why shouldn't you? If you're prone to razor burn or ingrown hairs, splash a little bit of Shaveworks The Cool Fix on the area to both calm and moisturize your aggravated skin. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to Wear Blue Eyeshadow Without Looking Like a Clown

 Wearing blue eyeshadow is just one of those things that sounds scarier than it is.  Before I became comfortable trying out different makeup looks, blue shadow just made me think of bad 80s / clown makeup.  But as long as it is applied correctly, blue eyeshadow can make your eyes pop (in a good way).

Here's how to get the look:

Start with a fresh face.  Apply a nice moisturizer, like Yes to Cucumbers Daily Calming Moisturizer.  Having a moisturized face definitely makes it easier to apply makeup, no matter what look you're going for.  Once you've applied the moisturizer, add a thin layer of eyeshadow primer to your eye lids.  I tend to use concealer for this, as it's usually cheaper and works just as well.  My personal pick is L'Oreal's True Blend Concealer.  Once that is applied, make sure to blend it well onto the lid.  Blending is extremely important with makeup in general.

You're going to need one beige and two blue shadows (one light and one dark) to create this semi-smoky look.  For all three shadows, I stuck to L'Oreal's Infallible Eyeshadow line.  I chose them for this look because the shadows are gorgeous, highly-pigmented, and last all day.  They're also easy to blend, which is super important when it comes to eye makeup.  Shadow that isn't blended well tends to look cheap, and simply doesn't look nearly as pretty.

For the beige tone, I went with Iced Latte, which is a nice, slightly shimmery color.  For the blue hues, I chose Infinite Sky as the lighter color and Midnight Blue as the darker.

Here's a pic of the three:

Now onto the fun part! Apply the beige color over the entire lid.  Make sure to blend all the way up to the browbone.

Next, apply the lighter blue up to the crease.  Blend it up and outwards. Then, using a small brush, apply a bit under the lower lashline.

Add on the darker blue.  This should be applied on the outer half of the lid, and blended in the same way.  You can add a bit to the very most outward part of the lower lashline as well.

Once you've blended the colors, apply a few layers of mascara (you can't go wrong with CoverGirl's LashBlast), and you're done!

See? Not too scary.

When wearing a bolder shadow look like this, I usually avoid dark eyeliner so that the focus is on the shadow.  Everything else should be left fairly simple--nude lips and a light peach blush work well with this look.  Otherwise, you run the risk of looking like a prostitute.

That's not to say you shouldn't experiment.  Definitely play around with the look and give it your own flair.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Obsessed: Betsey Johnson's Betseyville Heart Collection

If I had to pick, my top three favorite things in life (and fashion), they'd definitely be hearts, dangly earrings, and the color pink.

I found these amazing Betseyville Fuchsia Heart Fashion Earrings and almost passed out with delight.

I randomly found them while looking around on JC Penney's website, which I don't usually visit. I actually had no idea that Betsey Johnson--one of my all-time fave designers--had a collection there.  It was the most unexpected, awesome surprise ever!

As for the earrings? what's not to love?! Betsey's accessories are always super cute, but I simply need to have these danglers (hint, hint).

What I like most is that the hearts aren't overly cutesy.  At first glance, the earrings just look like a pair of fab fuchsia baubles, which in itself rocks.  But a closer look reveals the pretty little hearts.

The best part is that since the collection is through JC Penney, the entire collection is incredibly reasonably priced.  The earrings are under $20.

There are quite a few trinkets that are quickly being added to my wish list.  The jewelry alone is incredible. I'm loving this Heart Ring and this fantastic Heart Charm Bracelet.  I mean, you can never have enough heart-themed gems, right?

If you're not in a jewelry mood, take a look at the other stuff the collection includes.  The Betseyville bag collection is absolutely divine. Check out this fab Black Floral Top-Handle Crossbody bag--it's even lined with pink fabric!

Check out the entire site (or go to your local JC Penney store) to look at the entire line.

Monday, November 5, 2012

My Go-To All-Over Oil

I've always been one to experiment with products.  I like to see if they have any additional usages so I get more bang for my buck.

So I found Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum.  Thinking it would be perfect for my brittle hair, I gave it a go and applied it after washing.  As a hair product, it does work amazingly.

But I couldn't get over the smell.  I love it so much.  Coconut is just one of those scents I'm obsessed with.  So I cautiously applied it to my body, hoping for the best.  And now I think I like it even better as a body oil!

I checked into it, and there's absolutely no reason it cannot be used on skin.  In fact, there are oodles of hair products that can be used this way, as hair is usually more fragile than skin.

A little goes a long way with this stuff; a few pumps can easily cover both legs.  After using for about a week, I noticed that my skin was definitely more moisturized than it had been in a while.  And, as most of you know, I have severely sensitive/dry skin.  It works better than any lotion out there.

If you tend to have skin that's on the oily side, this might not be great for your bod.  But as for everyone else, try it out! At the very least, you'll love the smell (and so will your main squeeze)!

You can get a bottle for under $5.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Want to be a Novelist?

I've always wanted to write a novel.  Unfortunately, I lack the ability to write anything longer than 1,000 words, which is why I'm a blogger. My attention span just isn't made for novel-writing.  I'm even starting to get bored writing this post.

Regardless, I found this hilariously awesome No Plot No Problem Novel-Writing Kit.

Umm...I think it sounds absolutely awesome.  Everyone needs one of these.

Here's what comes in the kit:

  • 48-page instruction booklet
  • 31 daily noveling brief cards
  • 2 sticker sheets 
  • Guided progress log
  • Coupon booklet
  • Colorful “Novelist” button, a 
  • Noveling affidavit
  • A letter from the author

Yup.  That's all you need to write a novel...right?

Makes a good gift for anyone (especially yourself).  Here are a couple images of the set:

Looks amazingly fabulous.  Each set is about $25.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bling Out Your Nails!

For a while (probably the past year), I've been obsessed with creme polishes.  But now, chunky glitter is totally my thing.

Maybelline's Sequins by Color Show collection is simply glitter-tastic. Each bottle contains a different hue of chunky glitter.  The glitter itself is very cool, as each color has about three different-sized glitter pieces mixed together.  It truly does give off a "sequin" effect.

The polishes contain a cool, transparent gel that holds the glitter in place and gives off ultra crisp color and high shine. I tried them out and found that, on their own, I needed at least three coats to give off a semi-opaque look.  The polish dries fairly quickly, so I wasn't bothered by the fact that I had to layer it on.  That said, they really look best over other colors, at least in my opinion.  The gold hue looks great over anything, and the others look fabulous over similar creme or shimmer polishes.

These polishes are really great for the upcoming holidays.  I'm really loving the whole glitter trend in general.  It eliminates the need for tons of jewelry, since your nails are so bling-ified!

The collection includes the following sparkly shades:  Ruby Rhinestones, Lavender Sparks, Silver Gleam, Gold’s Night Out, Sea-Quins, Rose Bling, Sapphire Masquerade and Cocktail Dress.

My fave, by far, is Rose Bling. It's a light pinkish glitter and I'm utterly obsessed with it!  Here's a look at the bottle:

Pretty, right?!

You can find these cute colors at most drugstores for around $3.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fashion Faux Pas: Cut-Out Crazy

So I realize that cut-outs are a major trend this season.  And I actually like the look on certain dresses.  Cut-outs, when placed correctly, can make an outfit look super flattering and unique.

However, when used inappropriately, cut-outs can make a dress look like a total disaster.  This dress from Lulu's (which I usually love) is a perfect example of what I'm talking about.  Without the ridiculous amount of cut-outs, the dress would be fabulous.  Even with a couple, classily placed cut-outs, it'd be great for a night out.

But when you go over-the-top with it, you end up looking like an idiot.  As my boyfriend said, " That's a dress?! It just looks like ugly lingerie".  It's not the type of thing that should be worn in public.

This is a perfect example of why I'm not usually a fan of passing trends.  With each and every trend that goes by, there are always going to be crazy people, and designers, who take way it too far.  And there will always be the trend-whores (there's simply no nicer way to say it), who will wear anything that even remotely resembles a trend.  Especially if it's overdone.

The bottom line? When trying out trends, it's fine to be a little unique and push it a little.  But take a look in a god damn mirror!!  Before you go buying dresses that look like they've been torn apart, think about whether or not you look stupid.  Or I'll send a hit man after you.

That is all.

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