Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fashion Faux Pas: Unicorn Braids

I honestly never thought I'd be writing about something as ridiculous as unicorn braids. But unfortunately, they seem to be some sort of trend.

When you hear the phrase unicorn hair, you probably envision long cascading hair in shades of pink, purple, aqua, or all three. The image pictured is definitely something akin to mermaids or My Little Pony. However, it seems that some gals are taking the phrase quite literally and are actually styling their hair to resemble a horn.

More specifically, the horn of a unicorn.

For real.

How they're doing it? Apparently, they section off a piece of the hair at the front part of the crown and braid it at a vertical angle so that the hair sticks straight up. There's probably at least a gallon of extra hold hairspray and/or gel involved in this look.

I just don't get why you would ever want to look like this! Great Halloween look? Yes. Hairdo for regular life? Nope.

Listen, I love unicorns. Probably more than little five-year-old girls. But I will never don a style such as this.

I get that people want to stand out. But stand out for your fabulousness; not for your ridiculous hair horn.

That is all.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Pretty Palette for your Peepers (AND it's Under $10!)

In case you didn't know, I'm quite unhealthily(ish) obsessed with makeup palettes. Especially when they're filled with pretty eyeshadow hues. I should probably join some sort of support group for palette addicts, but that's simply not happening.

Instead, I present my latest love: Milani's Everyday Eyes Eyeshadow Palette.

Milani is one of my absolute fave drugstore beauty brands. Most of their products work just as well as anything you can find from a high-end cosmetic line, but are much more reasonably priced.

Their latest palette has been around for a few months or so, but they've added a couple different color options for Spring 2016. The current collections are:
  • Must-Have Neutrals- Cool Neutrals
  • Bare Necessities- Warm Neutrals
  • Smoky Essentials- Smoky Neutrals
  • Plum Basics- Plums & Mauves
  • Earthy Elements- Terracotta & Earthy Hues
  • Vital Brights- Cool Brights

All of them are super gorgeous, but I'm completely in love with the Bare Necessities palette (featured picture, above). The colors are perfect for all skintones, and the colors are all great neutrals to have on hand to bring your look from day to night. The hues are in the taupe/brown family and range from matte to shimmery shades.

The colors are all super smooth, very blendable, and crazily well-pigmented. I honestly have yet to find another drugstore brand that offers nearly as much color payoff.
This particular palette is perfect for everyday use. You can use all of the shades for a more bold look, or pick and choose shades for something more soft. I like using all of the shades, but my favorite combo is the lid color, contour hue, and base shade paired with dark brown liner. It makes my eyes pop without going overboard.
The absolute best part is that each palette is about $10. I'd probably shell out at least three times the amount, so it's really a fab deal. Plus, since the sets are so affordable, you can treat yourself to a few guilt-free! Huzzah! Grab the neutral one for everyday use, the darker smoky palette for going out, and one of the brighter-colored ones just for fun!
The palettes are all available at most drugstores, but you can also buy them online.

Happy shopping, pretty fashionistas!

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