Sunday, May 28, 2017

My Spanx Adventure

When I was a pretty, young, pre-fashionista, I heard about Spanx. Admittedly, I found the whole idea ridiculous--I was skinny and even if I hadn't been, I assumed Spanx would be very tight and almost hurt. I dismissed the whole body shapewear thing from my life pretty quickly!

But of course now, things are much different.

I'm in my [very, very] early 30s and it's definitely more difficult for me to stay in shape. I was just randomly walking around Target and saw the Spanx display and knew that it was time to give them a go.

I got the Slim Cognito High-Waisted Mid-Thigh Short Spanx in black, mainly because they were on sale, and they looked like they would be perfect to wear under my plethora of dresses.I took my brand new Spanx and wore them under a dress that probably would have been unflattering had I not made the leap to Spanx. The shorts are simply amazing!

I first wore them on Mother's Day (I brought a backup outfit just in case!), because I knew I'd be out of my house for a while and I wanted to see how long I could last in the Spanx. Well, it turned out that they were somehow, magically comfortable. I was beyond surprised. In addition to the comfort, they worked fabulously. My bod looked great; everything was tucked in and out of the way.

So, I've officially converted to being a Spanx person! I can easily see myself buying almost all of their items!

The only problem I have with the company is their Spanx for Men collection. I understand that guys can have the same body issues as women, but I'm telling you--if my husband started rockin' them, I'm pretty sure I would leave and never come back!

Check out the entire Spanx site to see all of the different options they have. They are a bit pricey, but they're very well made. You definitely get what you paid for.

Spanx it up, ladies!! I finally approve!

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