Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hello Kitty Meets MAC!!

I have the best news ever-- MAC and Hello Kitty are teaming up for MAC's Spring 2009 makeup collection! My absolute two favorite things in the world are Hello Kitty and makeup. The combination of Hello Kitty's cute little face on a gorgey new lip gloss is probably the best thing since sliced bread. Honestly.

The collection contains a ton of different makeup (and even cuter accessories). A bonus? They all have awesome names. A few of my faves are: Fashion Mews sheer pale lavender lipstick, On the Prowl light creamy grey nail polish, Milk Frosty pale silvery pink pigment, and the Hello Kitty Petite Makeup Bag.

I cannot wait for spring.

[Update: All of these products will be available February 12, 2009!]

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I Heart Shoes!!!

For all the gals out there who are obsessed with shoes: here's a cute charm bracelet to celebrate your love affair.

LuLu's For only $15, you can be the owner of this glam accessory. Dangling from the chain are various shoe types with black and white details. The charms measure about 1.25" Bracelet is 8.5" long.

Fabbity fabulous!

Fashion Faux Pas: the Mister Rogers Cardigan

Dear idiot guys who think that cardigans are the best thing since sliced bread:

You are wrong.

I do not know why this is even still an issue, but apparently some people (e.g. my boyfriend) do not realize that old-man cardigans are not in style. In fact, they are simply unacceptable unless you are over the age of 70. Mister Rogers was basically the only person who could pull off the look and even that was a bit ridiculous--regardless of how much I loved him. I do not care if said cardigan is by a fabulous designer, that does not make it okay. Even the best designers are allowed to make a mistake here and there.

In all honestly, I do like sophisticated men, but if I wanted to date a grandpa, I'd find my dates at the local old folks home bi-weekly dance parties.

Do me a favor guys (and the ladies that dress them), skip the cardigan and go with a simple sweatshirt or even a long sleeve tee.




Glitzy Shoes--on Sale!!!

Happy New Year, all! My New Year's resolution is to be fabulously stylish (as always), without spending all of my rent money on makeup and shoes. This is quite a challange for me. Therefore, I have searched high and low for post-holiday sales and thankfully have found the best shoes to dress up nearly any outfit. For $30.

Ann Taylor's Gemma Glitter Flat is really a gorgey shoe for any time of year. It's a bit gutsy, so if you wear these flats, make sure to downplay all other accessories. In fact, I'd probably wear these with a pair of dark-wash jeans and a black tee.

These shoes are going fast, so run--don't walk--to the nearest Ann Taylor store. Or better yet, visit the website! Let's make 2009 a totally fashionable year. Are you with me?!

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