Monday, September 30, 2013

Fashion Faux Pas: His & Hers Ugly Sweaters've GOT to be kidding me.

Ralph Lauren (a store I usually love), has decided to sell these absolutely hideous matching his and hers bear sweaters.

There are so many things wrong with this. First of all, the cut--both sweaters look like they're unisex, so they aren't even flattering on any body type. Secondly..a bear dressed up? On an adult's sweater? Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculously stupid??!

I honestly cannot even imagine seeing a couple out on the town sporting these matching duds.  If I somehow came across it, I would immediately punch both fashion offenders in the face.

I mean, look at the male model:

He is wearing the sweater paired with normal clothing AND he's super cute.  But even he looks like an idiot.  I always say, if the model doesn't look good in something, there's no way that you will.

The worst part? These "popular sweaters" are retailing for about $300.

If you want an ugly sweater, just save yourself the money and stop at the nearest Walmart and take a look around. I'm sure you'll find something comparable for under $10.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

How to Avoid a Wardrobe Malfunction

Wardrobe malfunctions can put us in some extremely embarrassing and awkward situations. We've all been there. The worst part is that these malfunctions always "just happen" to occur at the absolute worst times-- I'm talking about when you're out on a date, interviewing for your dream job, or even at an awesome party where every single person you know is watching you.

But luckily there are a few things you can do to prevent looking like a crazed lunatic who knows nothing about fashion!

Make sure your clothes fit you well
It sounds simple, but this is very important. One of the major causes of wardrobe malfunctions are ill fitting clothes. While you might not always be able to tell at a first glance if a certain clothing item has the potential to cause an unwanted surprise, testing out a few dance movements can give you a pretty good idea of what could happen when you start moving around.  Seriously, try dancing around at home for a half hour in whatever you're planning on wearing out.  If your boobs stay in place, and everything else works, you're good to go!

Try layering
If you do decide to opt for a potentially risky item, try layering to minimize the chances of experiencing embarrassing moments.

Avoid deodorant stains
This is one of the worst and it happens to everyone. Using invisible,clear deodorant is a quick and easy fix you that becomes mandatory whenever you are in a situation where you cannot afford to make mistakes. This simple, yet overlooked trick can save you a lot of frustration.

Use nude undergarments
Even though most of us are pretty careful when it comes to selecting lingerie and to avoid fashion faux pas, at times this strategy can backfire. If you are preparing for a event, your best bet is to stick to nude undergarments as these will help you look your best and will allow you to be more relaxed. And if anything pops out, it'll be a LOT less noticeable than, say, a black bra with pink polka dots (even though they are cute!)

Bring a set of safety pins and nail polish
I always have an emergency fashion pouch in my purse. It's helped me out a ton over the years. Safety pins are a must-have. You can save multiple problems by just pinning a strap up, or even pinning a hem that's come undone. If you also carry clear nail polish in your purse you'll be able to prevent tights from running. Apply clear nail polish on both of the ends to minimize the damage before it extends too much.

Bring additional wardrobe
While all the tips should help you eliminate lots of situations that might take an embarrassing turn for the worst, it's best to bring additional clothing with you to be able to avoid stressing to much over your wardrobe and to make sure that everything goes well. Try keeping a simple jersy wrap dress in your car.  They don't really wrinkle and you can wear them no matter what the weather is, or how fancy (or un-fancy) an event is).

Friday, September 27, 2013

Sniff This: Marchesa Parfum d’Extase

I'm so obsessed with fragrances lately. I literally have an entire table in my apartment dedicated to my 50 or so bottles of perfume.

So when I heard about Marchesa's Parfum d’Extase, I was obviously excited to give it a go!

The brand itself has always been amazing, so I was pretty sure I'd fall in love with their first fragrance.  And sure enough, I was right.

The scent is absolutely amazing. I ended up trying the body mist, which in most cases required a lot of spraying for me to be satisfied.  But the quality of this stuff is so great that a little goes a long way.

It's the perfect fragrance for anyone, and for any occasion. I'd describe it as super feminine and definitely floral.  The notes infused in the scent include Iris Flower, Star Anise, Black Current, Young Violet Leaves, Lotus Flower, Night Blooming Jasmine, Bulgarian Rose Water, Orange Blossom, Iris Root, Ambrox, Muscenone.  It sounds like a lot, but trust me--this fab combo makes for an incredible fragrance.

I honestly cannot stop smelling myself...And my boyfriend totally approves!

Marchesa Parfum d’Extase is available exclusively at Sephora and The body mist can be purchased for $45.

Disclosure: This post contains sample products sent for consideration by a PR company. My priority is to you, and I honor that commitment by being honest! If you have any questions about this, please email me.  

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Keep Curls Lookin' Pretty With Ouidad!

I'm constantly going back and forth with how I style my hair.  It's naturally curly, but unless I use the proper products, it can end up looking like a frizzy, wavy afro of disgust.

Once I found Ouidad's fab Curl Quencher line, I knew I had something fabulous.

The most amazing products are the Curl Quencher Moisturizing Conditioner and the Curl Quencher Moisturizing Style Gel.

I've been using the conditioner for a couple weeks now and am loving the results. After I shampoo my hair, I apply the conditioner evenly, comb out any tangles, and then let it sit for at least five minutes. When I rinse it out, my hair feels incredibly silky and smooth.  Not something that is an easy feat!

After towel-drying my hair, I've been applying the gel from the shaft to the ends of my hair and scrunching it a bit. Then I let it air dry (if I have the time).

The end result is gorgeous curls without any use of damaging heat-styling, or tons of different products. Love it!!

You can buy the Conditioner for $18 and the Gel for $23.

Disclosure: This post contains sample products sent for consideration by a PR company. My priority is to you, and I honor that commitment by being honest! If you have any questions about this, please email me.  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fashion Week Faux Pas: Plastic Surgery "Fashion" Shows

Fashion Week is a magical time. It sets the trends for the upcoming seasons, inspires style for everyone, and has an amazing amount of power over the fashion world.

Ridiculously enough, this year, a plastic surgeon set up a runway next to the tents at Lincoln Center to stage a show of his "designs" (I'm using the term very loosely). Yes that's right. I'm talking about actual human beings. The show was called Faces of Beauty and actually featured 50 (!!!!) of the doctor's former patients. The people in the show strutted their [new] stuff while photos of their former noses, foreheads, and chins were on full display behind them.

A quote from the surgeon? “There are lot of trends out there. One is the clothes you wear. Another is the face and body you wear. Just like Ralph Lauren introduces his new line, what I am introducing is aesthetically pleasing plastic surgery.”

Well, it's not really the same. Unless you consider flesh to be in the same category as silk and cotton.

And I don't.

Now, I totally understand that there are some people who get plastic surgery simply to feel better about themselves, or to fix something like a birth defect. And I really don't have a problem with people getting a little work done.  What I have a problem with is the fact that a doctor is literally comparing it to clothing.

He even has the trends for next year all sorted out--apparently his show will focus on breast implants, rather than just the face.

I don't even know what to say. People like this are the reason why women feel so insecure and get unnecessary surgery.

I seriously cannot believe that this went on. The name of the surgeon has not been released (apparently, he doesn't seek the fame that other "designers" strive for). But I'm pretty sure that if the name gets around, he'll be dealing with a lot of pissed off people. And maybe I'll do a little surgery on him.

That is all.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 Gift with Purchase!

It's no secret that I'm overly obsessed with any and all makeup gift with purchase deals. There's nothing better than getting a cute bag full of fun makeup to try, just for purchasing some of your fave products (which you would probably do anyways).

Right now, has a fab GWP going on. You have to spend a good chunk of change ($100 on any products), but in return you get this fabulous set.

Each gift includes:

  • MURAD® Resurgence® Age-Diffusing Firming Mask
  • BOOTS™ No7 Poppy King Lipstick, color may vary
  • NUXE® Crème Fraiche® de Beaute
  • H20+™ face OASIS™ Hydrating Treatment
  • JURLIQUE Herbal Recovery Night Cream
  • PAULA'S CHOICE® Resist Ultra-Light Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum
  • JONATHAN PRODUCT® Green Rootine Pure Paste™
  • PETER THOMAS ROTH® Oilless Oil™ 100% Purified Squalane
  • BUTTER LONDON 3 Free Nail Lacquer, West End Wonderland
  • PHYTO® Phytobaume Hydration Express Conditioner
  • IT COSMETICS® Hello Lashes! 5-in-1 Treatment Mascara, Black
  • CAROL'S DAUGHTER Monoi Oil Repairing Sacred Strengthing Serum
  • $10® Gift Card

AND it all comes in an absolutely adorable Heartbeat makeup clutch--like I've said before, you can never have enough makeup bags!

Looking for ideas on what to buy? Finally get the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette! It's a must-have for everyone's makeup collection. And this kick-ass Anna Sui Red Lipstick is perfect for lips that stand out in a crowd--plus the tube is gorgeous!

Happy shopping, ladies!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Take Care of Your Scalp: Philip Kingsley's Fab New Products AND a Giveaway!

With so many hair products out there that promise amazing miracles, it's easy to forget something that's actually really important--your scalp.

Healthy hair starts at the scalp, so it makes sense to take care of it. Philip Kingsley is an incredible haircare company that sells some great products. Recently, they've come out with some products that are made specifically for your scalp.

As a lady with crazily dry skin (and therefore a very dry and flaky scalp), I was super excited to give the products a try.

Their Flaky Itchy Scalp Shampoo is simply fabulous. It's won oodles of awards, and after using it I can see why. It works specifically to relieve and clear flaking and/or itchy scalps. After just one use, the difference was immediately noticeable! There were significantly less flakes and my scalp felt tingly fresh. In the past, when I've tried other dandruff/dry scalp shampoos, I've noticed that my hair tends to feels very coarse and always seems to be more difficult to manage. But somehow, this stuff gets the job done and leaves my hair shiny and very easy to style.

Another product I'm loving? The Flaky Itchy Scalp Toner. You're supposed to use this post shampoo, and you do not rinse it out. After washing and conditioning, part your hair into 3-inch sections and use the nozzle on the bottle to apply the toner all over the scalp. The toner has anti-bacterial and anti-flaking properties and really delivers on its promise to provide long-lasting relief from irritation. You can also use it between washes if the flakes and itching returns. It's worth keeping small bottle of it with you at all times to relieve any itchiness that might come up during the day.

Both products are absolutely fantastic!

I've teamed up with Philip Kingsley to do a small giveaway! I have a few trial-size Flaky Itchy Scalp Shampoo packets to give away to some lucky readers. Each trial comes with enough shampoo for three separate washes.

To enter the giveaway send an email to with the subject line reading "PHILIP KINGSLEY".  The giveaway ends 9/23 and the winners will be alerted via email.

To buy the products on your own (which I strongly recommend!), check out the Philip Kingsley website. The Scalp Shampoo retails for $35, and the Toner is $31. If you want to try out some of their other products, I'm crazily obsessed with their Re-Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. Both products work together to make hair feel healthy and look gorgeous!

Disclosure: This post contains products sent for giveaway and review consideration. My priority is to you, and I honor that commitment by being honest! If you have any questions about this, please email me.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Girl's Night Out at the Mall at Rockingham Park!

As I'm sure most of you ladies know, I've been having an amazing time working as the official Simon Malls Style Setter for the Mall at Rockingham Park. I hope you're all checking out my blog on their site (click here to take a look)!

The events that take place at the mall are simply fabulous. I'm super excited for the latest one that's coming up. Their Girl's Night Out event is taking place Thursday, September 12th from 4-7 at the Lord & Taylor court on level 1. It's an evening for you and your girls to relax, unwind, socialize, shop, be pampered, and get reacquainted.

Here's a little sneak preview of some of the things you can expect:
Red carpet photo ops (because us ladies are a pretty big deal!)
Hourly prize giveaways featuring designer sunglasses from LensCrafters, luxurious bath products from The Body Shop and LUSH, fragrances from Macy*s, and a girl’s night getaway sponsored by the Holiday Inn Salem!
An interactive Text-to-Win contest
Fashion modeling featuring looks from Cache, White House | Black Market, J.Jill, and more!
Delicious treats and drinks to sample from Ruby Tuesday and other great restaurants
Complimentary makeup applications by Suite 103 Aesthetics and Color Studio and Mary Kay
DJ entertainment provided by Get Down Tonight (dancing, anyone??)
Glittery henna tattoos courtesy of Art of Eyebrows and fashionable bling from lia sophia
Consultations with American Laser Skincare and Indulge Wellness Center on how to keep your face, skin, and body looking fab!
Specialized info on women's health from Lawrence General Hospital

I mean, how amazing does that all sound??! Plus, the mall itself is great and has the best stores, so you can even squeeze in some time for shopping!

The event is completely free and is sponsored by The British Virgin Islands, Diet Coke, & Microsoft. If you happen to be one of my readers that doesn't live in the area, Simon Malls across the country are also hosting Girl's Night Out Events at the same date and time. Here's a list of the malls that are participating.

Feel free to email me with any questions at! Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Most Bad-Ass, Ladylike Dress in the Entire World

First of all, I just have to say that I've been spending a ridiculous amount of time browsing around on I simply adore their dresses, and somehow I can just sit in front of my computer for days at a time picturing myself in the trendy duds the site has for sale.

A recent fave of mine is this amazingly gorgeous VIP Thicket Dress ($79.99).  It combines so many awesome things in such a unique way.  What's not to love?!

The cut of the dress itself is quite feminine and flattering to most body types. It's a simple strapless, a-line dress that nips in and ties at the natural waistline (hint: without a doubt, this is most often the smallest part on every lady's bod, so highlighting it is always a good idea). Since the bow belt draws the eye to your tiniest spot, and the skirt of the dress flows out nicely from there, the result is ultra beautiful and super flattering. Even if the dress was a solid color, I'd be in love with it and highly recommend it to everyone in the world.

BUT the pattern is supa-fly.

Since the dress itself is so soft and ladylike, the bad-ass skulls, edgy dark roses, and thorny vines are very unexpected. The pattern is actually brilliant because at first glance, you don't really notice the skulls or how rocker-chic it really is--it just looks like a pretty floral design. But when you take a minute to check it out, you slowly start to notice just how much it rocks!

Everything aside, the absolute best thing about my new favorite dress is how versatile it is. It's dressy enough to wear with a dressy cardigan and strappy sandals for an evening out, but can also be dressed down with a pair of Converse sneakers and a cool studded black moto jacket. I can't really think of an occasion when this dress would be unacceptable to wear. Maybe not the best choice for a funeral...? But hey, even then it might be good for an awkward laugh.

I think that everyone absolutely needs to own this dress. Especially me [hint, hint, anyone out there who wants to spend lots of money on me]! $80 is actually fairly reasonable for a great quality, fabulously unique dress like this. I can't really see it going out of style anytime soon, and it's virtually seasonless.  Just be sure to wear it with a jacket and leggings or tights when it gets chilly out.

While you're on the site, take some time to explore some of the other dresses ModCloth has to offer. Trust me--you'll fall in love with nearly everything on there!

Happy shopping, ladies!!

Fab Fall Clinique GWP!!

It's that time again!! Clinique is giving out another amazing gift with purchase that I'm obviously obsessed with.

To get this great set, you just have to spend $25 on Clinique products at Dillards. (Trust me--you'll def find something to buy!)

Here's what comes in the set:

  • Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser
  • All About Eyes Shadow Duo in choice of Buttered Toast or Day into Night
  • Quickliner for Eyes in choice of Intense Ivy or Intense Chocolate
  • Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream
  • Long Last Lipstick in Sugared Maple or Different Lipstick in A Different Grap
  • High Impact Mascara in Black
  • A Super Cute Cosmetic bag
Per usual, I'm a huge fan of the bag. It's just so pretty! And the products included in the GWP are all products that I'm already in love with.

This particular GWP is going to be available until 9/20. I'd take advantage of it ASAP!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

How to Survive a Bad Haircut!

We've all been there. We go to the salon and expect amazing results, and end up having hair that just looks plain stupid.

So what do you do until it grows back and you look like a normal person?

Here are a few tips:

Cut your hair too short?
It may seem like the end of the world, but, on average, hair grows back at ¼- to ½-inch per month, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. To help spur the growth, many swear by taking prenatal vitamins or a multivitamin, drinking lots of water and eating healthy nutrient-rich foods. A healthy body means healthy hair, after all. Hey, maybe you’ll drop a few pounds, too. Win-win!

Shorten the Time It Takes for Hair to Grow Back
You can speed up the time for hair to grow back after a bad haircut by using a few extra beauty products, too. Hair, as they say, is basically just dead protein, so protein treatments can help strengthen your locks. Moisture treatments also encourage healthier, and, therefore, faster-growing hair. And, there are several hair-growth specific products out there -- from hair nutrient tablets to thickening treatments to scalp sprays -- that may help speed things along.

Limit the Damage You’re Doing to an Already Bad Haircut
Cut back on your heated styling tool usage, and, when you just gotta flatten or curl, use a heat protector first. How long it takes to grow out a bad haircut has a lot to do with how well you treat those tresses.

Learn to Accessorize Your Hair
Help hide chunky layers by using headbands, bobby pins, barrettes and other fun hair fashions to disguise your bad haircut. And play around with it: Change your part. Try adding a cute little braid. Use a sea salt spray to pump up the volume and add some waves. No, you’re not thrilled with your new 'do, but, until that hair grows back, you gotta work with what you've got.

Wash Your Hair Less Often
It’s okay to get a little dirty. Too many shampoo sessions can strip your hair of its healthy oils, causing it to dry out and break. Not what you want when you’re trying to grow out a bad haircut. I usually only wash my hair a few times a week, and I've definitely noticed that my hair feels much healthier.

Talk to Your Stylist About Your Haircut In Advance
Before you even rise an inch out of that chair, tell your stylist how you’re feeling and that you are not digging your haircut. Ask him or her if there’s anything that can be done to help minimize the bad haircut fallout. Your stylist wants you to come back, so, yes, a happy client is a return client. Then, if you decide to stick with your stylist, go in for regular trims -- stretching them out to every eight to 12 weeks is fine -- to get rid of any split ends. (If layering is the issue, ask for a bottom-trim only.)

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