Saturday, April 28, 2007

Surf & Sand

If you're looking for eye shadows that will make a splash at the beach, you've found it! Bobbi Brown's "Surf & Sand" eye palette is perfect for a night on the town, or for a stroll on the boardwalk. You can either use all of the shades separately, OR mix them together to create a custom golden blue hue. The shadows are shimmery and go great with summer's bronze glow look.

My Love Affair with Target Continues

For those of you who don't know, I am obsessed with Target. I always find great stuff and it is never expensive. They do a great job of keeping up with the trends.

I just found another great summer tote (delema! I might have to get a few different ones)!

This is designed by Rafe (an upscale designer who makes cheaper items for Target). It is great quality and looking at it, you would just assume that it cost over $100. But no, It is a small price of $39.99.

As with Gap's Seahorse bag, I love this because it has an unexpected splash of color, yet it will match practically everything in your spring wardrobe.

I'd pair this with some chunky gold bangles for a rockin' daytime look for work or play.

Undah the Sea

So, I've been looking for a good summer tote to carry around this season. I like to use really large purses (or at least medium-sized) since I work an hour away from home and bring a lot of stuff with me to work each day (such as a ridiculous amount of makeup). I hadn't really thought about checking out Gap fora bag--they're more of a comfy top store for me. And recently I haven't had much luck with them. Their summer '05 collection (or maybe it was '06? with all the metallics) was great, but since then I haven't seen much.

However, I did a bit of browsing today and I must say that I enjoy their large tote with seahorses on it.

I don't know exactly why I love this bag. It just seems like a tote that will go with everything, but yet it isn't in a predictable black, or plain straw material. I like that it looks a bit worn, and most of all, I LOVE that it is only $39.50.


Little Miss

When I was first learning how to read, my fave books were the "Little Miss" series. They were the cutest little books around. They usually revolved around a gal with a problem (ie: being too bossy or fickle) and fixing it after learning a valuable lesson.

Well, Urban Outfitters has come out with "Little Miss" t-shirts. They are really the best thing since sliced bread. I own the "Little Miss Bossy" one below:

It. Is. Amazing. I'm not really the type of girl who wears t-shirts a lot. I notmally stick to solid colors or groovy prints if I wear a t-shirt. But a tee that brings back a fond childhood memory? I'm there. Plus I am pretty bossy so when I wear it people don't mess with me. Wearing the shirt kills two bird with one stone. Or maybe three since it is also ridiculously fashionable.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

How Charming!

This Spring, charms are really in. Instead of breaking out your old charm bracelet with charms from your trip to Disney World, try the trend in a different way--with a necklace.

This necklace by Wet Seal is a great place to start. The charms are big, but not ridiculously overbearing. Everyone can pull this off.

Word to the wise? Don't go overboard with accessories if you wear apiece like this. Pair the necklace with a solid, deep purple top and some jean capris and nothing else. Well, maybe some black ballet flats (I know, I am obsessed). Nothing else is needed and the outcome is a chic outfit that works for day or night!

I Dream of JEAN-ie

I'm all about cute packaging, and Tarte's new Lights, Camera, Splashes! mascara definitely takes the cake this season.

First of all, it is packaged in pretend denim and I could almost imagine applying some mascara in public (which is a huge no-no, by the way) with this stuff. Simply because it is so cute. Also, the embroidered anchor on the brush handle totally fits in with this season's nautical trend.

I'm only a bit nervous about how the actual mascara works. The close-up of the brush looks like a piece of velcro and I'd be really worried about clumping with this. But it is honestly cute enough that I'll probably try it anyway.

Monday, April 23, 2007

It's 85 Degrees in Boston! Spring Tends Galore!

Woohoo! Looks like I got my wish. Spring/Summer has sprung!

Today, I had to work so my outfit wasn't exactly up to par. That said, I did get a lil' summery. I worse some black pants, black strappy wedges, a black and white graphic-y babydoll top, and a chunky black necklace. Not too bad for my first spring/summer outfit of the year.

Mainly, I wanted to post about some Spring fashion trends in honor of this d-lish day.

So, here we go. My top 5 trends of the season.

Trend #1:

Forever 21, $22.80

Floral prints. It sounds obvious for springtime, but this year you've got to run out and get yourself a little tunic or dress with a bold floral print. Find a piece with bright colors, rather than muted pastel hues.

Trend #2:

Target, $22.99

Polka dots! This is my fave. For a classic look, go for black with white polka dots--But brave gals should try brighter unpredictable colors.

Trend #3:

Banana Republic, $148.00

Black & white. High contrast duds are hot this season. I love the look of a monochrome white outfit with a splash of black. Or the other way around if you're prone to messy disasters.

Trend #4:

Express, $29.50
Metallic accessories in bright colors. Silver and gold are out. For now. Pair a metallic bag in a tantalizing shade of pink or green with black capris and ballet flats for an unexpected pop of color.

Trend #5:

Girlprops, $2.99 each

Fun bangles. Skimp on the huge earrings and layered necklaces this season and grab some bright bracelets.
So there you have it. Lots of bright colors this season. Please don't be a trend whore though, and wear all of the trends at the same time...Pick one and go with it!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fashion Faux Pas: Crocs

Crocs. For the love of stilettos, I cannot believe they are still around.

I understand the concept of clogs. They are comfy, I'll give you that. But there is a huge difference between wearing a nice pair of brown leather clogs, and wearing a chunky piece of plastic in an unattractive bright color.

Crocs apparently first became big in hospitals. Nurses and such wore them for comfort (and *shudder* thought they were cute). From there, ridiculous amounts of people decided that they were fashionable. I've seen them on the T, at hair salons, and even on Newbury Street. NEWBURY STREET FOR GOD'S SAKE. Enough is enough.

The saddest thing of all is that now Crocs come in children's sizes. Parents all over the globe are forcing their adorable kids to wear these ridiculous garden shoes in public, thus ruining their chances of becoming a style guru of kindergarten.

I accepted all of this for the first year they were popular. Fine, it was time for a change. Every year has at least one huge style blunder; it was bound to happen. But at this point it seems as though Crocs are here to stay.

Fellow fashionistas of the world, lets unite and make Crocs a thing of the past. Before it is too late.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Lil' Glow

Those of you who know me know that I am so white that I am basically see-through. This year, I decided to forgo all of the fake baking/slathering myself in oil to "tan" (or look skin-colored). Instead, I have embraced my fair skin in all its glory.

That said, I have nothing against having a bit of a glow. Recently, I've become a huge fan of face highlighters. They are shimmery face powders that make your face look all glowy and full of life. Sephora does a good one that I use instead of blush. I use it in the rose trio, but they also carry a bronze version for you who are not pasty white.

This rocks and ultimatley makes your skin look flawless. Take my word for it.

Fiberwig Mascara--Literally a Wig of Fibers for Your Lashes

For practically my entire life, I've been searching endlessly for a mascara that makes my stumpy lashes look long and full. I'm sure someof your have been looking for the same. Long and full lashes are great. You look more awake, wide-eyed, and gorgeous. If you don't wear mascara, you should. It is the one makeup item that everyone needs.

I used to wear false lashes almost daily in college. I'd wake up my friend, Caitlin, to put them on me before my early morning classes each and everyday to impress my latest class crush. But honestly? I now see that falsies are a bit much for classroom galas and work. I mean, fine--I still wear them for fancy dinners and weddings and the like...but for real life,I need a simple mascara that looks almost like falsies, but without so much drama.

I have found it.

Meet Fiberwig mascara, courtey of Sephora:

Apparently this was first used in Asian counties by women who wanted lashes but barely had any (and I really do feel their pain). What it does is deposit a combo of regular mascara along with actual FIBERS. You can see them as you put the stuff on. The fibers cling to your lashes and create a "wig-like" effect. Not as extreme as false lashes, but much more extreme than drugstore mascaras. This stuff sells for around $20, which is a little pricey, but definatley worth it.

Now you can bat your pretty eyes with the best of 'em.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


So I'm dying to bust out my girly skirts, capris, and cute sandals. Unfortunatley, here in Boston it is currently 40 degrees and has been "misting" for over a week now. Spring seems so far away.

I've been looking at a lot of the new spring lines that are out and I have to say--I'm a fan. I mean, I'm a bit sad that leggings are still in the mix (even though I do own a pair--they just make my legs look like sausages). That said, I'm looking forward to all the great prints out there. Flower prints are supposed to be huge (as always in the spring) but this year, there are so many sophisticated patterns. Even Target has some great tops!

Let the spring shopping begin!!!


The other day I got a glorious package in the mail. What was it, you ask? Well, it was a few lovely Clinique products that I had ordered online.

For some reason, I love online shopping. I am addicted. I guess I really like the idea of getting a present in the mail--even though I've already paid for it. It's just fun.

ANYWAY, my new love is the classic Clinique eye cream that I got. I forget the exact name, but they've had it for a while now and I tried a small sample of it a couple years ago but never had the money to buy the real thing. I don't really have the money now either, but I figured 'what the hell' and bought it anyway. well, let me tell you--it is amazing. it is so hard for me to find any skin care products that I can use on my face due to my excessive eczema and sensitive skin. But Clinique is fragrance free and merely makes my skin look as divine as it can possibly look.

I've been using the cream as a kind of base for eye makeup. Putting it on before concealer and eyeshadow really helps it blend better and stay on longer. At night, I've been slapping generous heaps of it on before bed and waking up to smoothy-smooth non-puffy eyes. d-lish.

Style is a Gal's Best Friend

Why hello, there. And to my Italian readers, "ciao".

Let's cut to the chase, shall we? Basically, I'm obsessed with all things fashion and every single piece of makeup in the world. I've had a bit of time on my hands lately so I figured I might as well put my style knowlege and ridiculous obsessions to good use. I'll try to update this daily, and maybe even more depending on how much time I have. We'll have to see about that, I suppose.

But anyway, get excited to read my ridiculous style blogs. You're in for a real treat...

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