Saturday, April 28, 2007

Little Miss

When I was first learning how to read, my fave books were the "Little Miss" series. They were the cutest little books around. They usually revolved around a gal with a problem (ie: being too bossy or fickle) and fixing it after learning a valuable lesson.

Well, Urban Outfitters has come out with "Little Miss" t-shirts. They are really the best thing since sliced bread. I own the "Little Miss Bossy" one below:

It. Is. Amazing. I'm not really the type of girl who wears t-shirts a lot. I notmally stick to solid colors or groovy prints if I wear a t-shirt. But a tee that brings back a fond childhood memory? I'm there. Plus I am pretty bossy so when I wear it people don't mess with me. Wearing the shirt kills two bird with one stone. Or maybe three since it is also ridiculously fashionable.

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