Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fiberwig Mascara--Literally a Wig of Fibers for Your Lashes

For practically my entire life, I've been searching endlessly for a mascara that makes my stumpy lashes look long and full. I'm sure someof your have been looking for the same. Long and full lashes are great. You look more awake, wide-eyed, and gorgeous. If you don't wear mascara, you should. It is the one makeup item that everyone needs.

I used to wear false lashes almost daily in college. I'd wake up my friend, Caitlin, to put them on me before my early morning classes each and everyday to impress my latest class crush. But honestly? I now see that falsies are a bit much for classroom galas and work. I mean, fine--I still wear them for fancy dinners and weddings and the like...but for real life,I need a simple mascara that looks almost like falsies, but without so much drama.

I have found it.

Meet Fiberwig mascara, courtey of Sephora:

Apparently this was first used in Asian counties by women who wanted lashes but barely had any (and I really do feel their pain). What it does is deposit a combo of regular mascara along with actual FIBERS. You can see them as you put the stuff on. The fibers cling to your lashes and create a "wig-like" effect. Not as extreme as false lashes, but much more extreme than drugstore mascaras. This stuff sells for around $20, which is a little pricey, but definatley worth it.

Now you can bat your pretty eyes with the best of 'em.

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