Monday, August 27, 2007

My Obsession with Markers

So today I was at work (in my boring office) and I suddenly noticed that all my eye makeup was smudged--my liquid liner was chipping off and it looked awful.

Usually I carry a little makeup compact with everything I need for this type of thing (eye shadows, blush, eye liner, mascara, concealer...) but today was the one day I forgot.

I ended up washing my face just because I looked too hideous with big pieces of liner missing (and it was impossible to blend!). So, I searched through my office trying to find something that would work as eye makeup. The end result? A non-toxic marker. I found a great black one and just drew a thick line on my lid. In all actuality, it was way easier to use than any of the liquid eye liners I've tried so far. Plus it is non toxic and as long as you don't actually stick the marker in your eye nothing bad will come from it.

A thick line above the lash line is so in for this Fall. It's dramatic enough for nighttime, but even for the day it looks fab.

That said, I actually stole the marker from work and I might just add it to my routine! So now I have a marker for eye liner AND for a lip stain (as I wrote about in my Sharpie post). Hooray!

For those of you who are too scared to try the whole marker thing (I don't blame you) Covergirl has a great liquid liner that acts almost like a marker. Give it a go, you foxy ladies!

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Shockingly Red Lips

With Fall coming up, it’s high time we take a gander at some of the trends for the new season. Here’s an article I wrote for Enjoy!:

I'm already starting to feel the brisk weather of Fall approaching, but I'm not too worried. Why? Because the makeup trends for this Fall are ridiculously great. Gone are the days of sheer glosses--Red lipstick is in!

Red lips are so classic, and everyone can pull off the look . Cool skin tones look fab in blue-based reds while warm tones simply glow in tomato reds. Pale gals like me can pull off a bright cherry red, just skimp on the eye makeup to avoid looking overdone.

The one thing that makes me hesitant to wear red lipstick is that it is so high maintenence. It seems like you have to check it every five seconds to make sure it's still there and looking perfect. And most times you have to actually fix it (which requires pulling out a mirror and spending a while making your lips look decent).

Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to avoid having to redo your lips constantly:
1) Apply a bit of foundation to your lips. This gives the lipstick something to hold onto.
2) Dust on a bit of translucent powder (again--something for the color to grab).
3) Line your lips with a color that matches your actual lip color. Matching the red lipstick could potentially leave you with a red rim around your lips if the lipstick begins to fade.
4) Apply the lipstick to your lips using a lip brush and working from the center of your lips out.
5) Blot.
6) Apply a second time.

Once you complete these steps, you'll be left with a lasting pout that flatters you. Enjoy!

Sorry for the Delay!

Sorry my lovlies, I know I've been preoccupied lately. I'm moving (in less than a week! ahh) back up to New Hampshire to be closer to my fam. So between that, working my ass off in Boston to save money, and job hunting in NH, I haven't had any time to breathe! But my guess is that I will be basically unemployed other than a few freelance writing assignments for a while, so I'll probably be blogging a lot more. In the next post I'll post an article I wrote for another website so that there will at least be something to read! But keep on looking fabulous ladies!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

CVS is my Guilty Pleasure

I. Love. CVS.

Near my apartment, there is conveniently a 24-hour CVS that I constantly go to even if I don't need anything just because they have the best beauty sales on chocolate. But today I made a great discovery: CVS has a clearance section.

I know, I know...most places do and I'm stupid not to have found it. But the section is no where near the regular makeup--it is hidden away by the tampon section!! There was a whole shelf of beauty goods that were 50% off and I almost peed myself with delight. I bought some mascara, eye shadow, and a fun little manicure kit for practically nothing. But still--don't tell my boyfriend. Hahaha. Seriously.

It almost made it better for me that the clearance shelves were hidden because there was still such good makeup to choose from. You know how in other stores there is only crappy dark brown lipstick and neon green nail polish? Well, not in this case. I had to restrain myself, but I know I'm going to go back later this week and check to see if anything new got added. Oh CVS. How I love thee.

The moral to the story is this: Don't overpay for beauty goods. I've been known to splurge more than a few times at Sephora and Department stores, which is fine every once in a while, but bargain hunting is the best. Most high end makeup brands (Lancome, Clinique, Estee Lauder) also own drugstore brands. I believe that Lancome owns Loreal and there is a great mascara out there that is the exact same formula as a popular Lancome one, just packaged differently.

Anyway, this lesson is getting rather lengthy. But take the time to look for sales. It can literally be a scavenger hunt sometimes, and today just proved it.

My Love Affair with Lip Gloss

I literally own over 50 lip Glosses. Alright, probably closer to 100. No joke. Whenever I go anywhere that might possible have a funky gloss, I check them out and usually buy one or two, be it a drugstore, the dollar store, Sephora, or even 7eleven!

It is an addiction. And I will continue to feed the addiction forever.

My newest true love is Cover Girl's Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers in Strawberry Splash. In fact, I bought it for $1.99 at a dollar store near me. Seriously,I hunt for bargains. But the rest of you folks can still get a good deal--it goes for a cheap $4.99 on

I'm always a little bit wary to try Cover Girl stuff just because to me it seems so middle school-esque. I mean, I remember Cover Girl eyeshadow being my first makeup purchase ever. But this gloss is amazing. Not sticky at all, and it adds just a bit of a pink tint to your lips, which is perfect for the hot weather and is easy to apply sans mirror. Plus it smells groovy.

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