Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beauty Boo-Boo: Sleeping with Your Makeup On

We've all done it. Sometimes, washing your face can seem like such a huge step when you're ridiculously tired. But, it's horrible for your skin and is simply gross. I found a few tips on how to fix your beauty sin post sleeping. Just because I found these, doesn't mean you can keep sleeping with makeup on! Never do it again. Ever.

  • Wash your face twice, and use a soft washcloth to be sure to manually (but gently) exfoliate your skin.
  • You must absolutely use an eye makeup remover that has no chance of further irritating your eyes, and get every last trace and fleck of makeup off and out of your eyes. 
  • Use lubricating eye drops (not Visine-like products) to soothe your eyes (this really helps!). The Refresh brand is fab !
  • Go over your face with a well formulated toner to add antioxidants to your skin and remove last traces of makeup from your face, particularly around the hairline.
  • If breakouts or blackheads are a concern, it is essential that exfoliate.
  • If you can grab a minute, lie down with your head elevated and place a cloth-wrapped ice pack over your eyes (it will feel great and reduce puffiness and swelling).
  • Apply a lightweight, gel-textured moisturizer or serum on your face and, if needed, a more emollient moisturizer around your eyes.
  • If you can wear a lighter makeup than you did the day before you fell asleep with your makeup on, that would help a lot.
And I cannot push this enough--don't do it again!! It's so easy to wash off your makeup now that there are oodles of makeup remover wipes--some that even include moisturizers and cleansers! Try Boots No7 Quick-Thinking 4-in-1 Wipes for about $7--you'll fall in love, I promise.

[Tip: Paula's Choice]

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beautiful New Scent: Calvin Klein Beauty

Just in time for fall, a yummy new fragrance is hitting the stores!  The new Calvin Klein Beauty truly is a beautiful scent.

This is for sophisticated ladies--since I'll be 25 in December, I include myself in that group! Everything about the scent evokes confidence and femininity.

Interestingly, a new interpretation of a lily, a neo-lily, is the heart and soul of Calvin Klein Beauty. The amazing scent also includes notes of Ambrette Seeds, Jasmine and Cedarwood. 

Despite the strong notes, I also find the scent to smell clean, if that makes sense. I guess I'm trying to say that it doesn't smell like an "old lady perfume"--or even close. A hint of the scent is alluring and beautiful (hence the name).

The Collection:
  • Eau de Parfum Spray: 3.4oz/100ml, $85
  • Eau de Parfum Spray: 1.7oz/50ml, $65
  • Eau de Parfum Spray: 1.0oz/30ml, $50
  • Luminous Bath + Shower Crème: 6.7oz/200ml, $42
  • Luminous Skin Lotion: 6.7oz/200ml, $34
The Calvin Klein Beauty fragrance collection is exclusively available at Macy’s and a select fine department and specialty stores nationwide beginning October 2010.

Fun fact:  Macy's is currently having some fab deals.  If you spend $85 on a Calvin Klein Beauty purchase, you also receive a deluxe mini roller-ball of the scent for free. Additionally, you can receive this cute makeup bag with any cosmetic or fragrance purchase over $65. PLUS, any order over $50 ships free. Not bad!

Disclosure: This post contains a sample product sent for consideration by a PR firm. My priority is to you, and I honor that commitment by being honest! If you have any questions about this, please email me.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

100 Eyeshadows for $10!

Yes, it's true. 100 shadow hues for $10.

ELF's latest Limited Edition 100 piece Eyeshadow Palette is an eyeshadow-lover's dream come true.  I jumped up and down when I saw it. The palette allows for countless looks from daytime neutral hues to bright and bold party shades. This is the only eyeshadow palette you will ever need. 

As I've said before, ELF's overall makeup quality is amazing.  I've always found their eyeshadow to be well-pigmented and of the best quality.  This isn't some cheap ripoff; this is the real deal.

Personally, I'd stock up on these beauties for gifts in addition to picking up one for myself.  Limited edition sets always make me nervous.

On an end note, I'll say it again: you can buy yourself one of these fab palettes for $10!!!  How can you not get in on this deal??!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Can't Cook, But I Can Still Look Cute Trying!

When I was around six, I used to love running around in my grandma's aprons.  For some odd reason, I became obsessed with always wearing her aprons every time I was over there.

The obsession grew, but unfortunately the ability to cook never seemed to come.  I do, however, constantly spill things on myself and could probably do with sporting a cute apron.

These Classic Cook Aprons are retro chic and definitely remind me of good times at my grandma's house.  The blue flower linen one really tickles my fancy.

I think I might just start wearing aprons all over the place.  It's stylish...right?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sonia Kashuk's New Breast Cancer Awareness Line!

October's right around the corner, and that means Breast Cancer Awareness Month is just about in full swing.  I have to admit that my fave part of the month is the fact that oodles of companies offer up pink accessories! That said, since the items are for a good cause, I feel less guilty about buying every single pink doodad that catches my eye.

My recent fave is Sonia Kashuk's 2010 Breast Cancer Awareness collection.  From now until October 24, 15% of the proceeds from each sale will go to the BCRF (Breast Cancer Research Foundation).  Not bad, for such gorgeous makeup and beauty tools, right?  Personally, I'd buy everything regardless, but it's nice to know that I'm helping out a cause.

The entire collection is simply gorgeous.  The brushes and super soft and work amazingly.  The cases that they come in actually work great as clutches of evenings out.  The pink eyelash curler and tweezers are perfect tools that work as wonderfully as they work.

As for the actual makeup goodies, I'm a bit obsessed with the eyeshadow quad.  It's a bit less pink than the picture shows--the colors are more purple-hued and flatter most skin tones.  The nail polish, of course is another one of my faves (because, who doesn't love nail polish??!).

I'm just so in love with this line! Lucky for you lovely ladies, I'm giving away a few of the products!!
The Seeing Pink Brush Set, Pretty in Pink Eye Pallette, and Lend a Hand Nail Polish Set are all my favorite products, so I'm giveing away a bundle of the three amazing products.

To enter the giveaway, send an email to with the subject line reading "SONIA KASHUK BCRF".  The giveaway ends 10/1 and the winner will be alerted via email.

Good luck, fabulous readers!!

To purchase any of these products on your own, check out Target!  Each piece ranges from around $6-$22.

Disclosure: This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by a PR firm. My priority is to you, and I honor that commitment by being honest! If you have any questions about this, please email me.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Looking for a Weird Halloween Costume? Be a Crayon!

It's that time again! Halloween is approaching and shopping for the sluttiest, most ridiculous costume is now at the top of many girls' to-do lists.

Of course, there are the normal frocks we've already seen that are still out there this year--french maid, nurse, school girl and tons of other "naughty" costumes.  But this time around, I was a bit perplexed when I saw this Crayola Crayon costume.

Ummm...alright. The tank dress looks comfortable, at least.  This whole idea is just weird to me. Dressing up as a crayon?! I love the fact that there's a hat to go with it (for authenticity's sake, I'm sure. I mean, you can't really be a crayon without the writing tip).

I know that Halloween costumes can be wildly stupid and beyond preposterous, but I just can't imagine anyone who'd actually want to dress up as a crayon.  Even the model looks embarrassed.

The look is neither sexy nor socially acceptable for Halloween (or any other events, for that matter).

But, hey.  If you want to rock out as a crayon, be my guest.  Color the world purple and look like an idiot at the same time for $30.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stunning Shoes: DNA Footwear

I'm admittedly a shoe fanatic.  It simply comes with the territory of being a fashionista.  You can usually find me trolling the internet for shoe sales at least 20 hours a week (no joke).

DNA Footwear is my new love, when it comes to online shoe shopping. You could almost say that we're "sole-mates". Cheesy joke, I know.  But there's nothing funny about a site that sells fab shoe lines that are quite frequently on sale. 

The site offers up top notch collections for women, men and kids (perfect for me, since my feet are so small that you need a magnifying glass to see them).  There are oodles of designer shoe brands up for grabs.  Michael Kors, Chinese Laundry, Pink Studio, and Rock & Republic have a large presence on the site.  There are also a lot of smaller, niche lines that would be tough to find on your own.

DNA Footwear does the hard work for you and puts together an amazing selection of shoes ripe for the picking.  It certainly cuts down my 20 hours a week of online shoe drooling.  With everything in one place, it's so much easier to find unique beautiful shoes without all the hassle.

Price-wise, the site's shoes range anywhere from $20 to over $300. There's really something for everyone.

My recent fave find on the site? These adorable Chinese Laundry flats that are currently on sale for $30 (can you even believe that??!)

DNA Footwear is officially Sassy Fashionista approved.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

OPI Takes the Spotlight at the 2010 Emmys! (AND a Giveaway!)

Per usual, OPI was worn by many on the red carpet for the 2010 Emmys.

Actress Mariska Hargitay and artist/TV personality Paula Abdul choose some gorgey OPI Nail Lacquers to complete their red-carpet styles.

Mariska went with We’ll Always Have Paris  (a deep coffee shade with a hint of purple to it), whle Paula chose  DS Classic on her hands and William Tell Me About OPI (a deep, deep burgundy) on her toes. It looks like fall means dark nails again this year, and I don't hate it!

For my lucky readers, OPI has generously sent over a bottle of We'll Always Have Paris and William Tell Me About OPI for Sassy Fashionista to giveaway!

The colors are shown below, and the winner will receive both hues.

The perfect way to kick off your fall look, no?

To enter the giveaway, send an email to with the subject line reading "OPI EMMYS".  The giveaway ends 9/26 and the winner will be alerted via email.

Good luck, ladies!!!

Disclosure: This post contains a product sent for giveaway consideration. My priority is to you, and I honor that commitment by being honest! If you have any questions about this, please email me.  

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bogus Beauty Buy: Clarins Makeup Mist

Don't get me wrong--Clarins has oodles of great products. But their Fix' Make Up Refreshing Mist simply isn't one of them.

Claim:A refreshing mist that sets make-up and prolongs its hold, while providing a feeling of instant freshness and well-being. Also provides continuous hydration and comfort.”

I couldn't believe it when I read this! First of all, the claim doesn't even make sense. It is designed as a spray-on mist to set your makeup, but doesn't do anything like that.  All it does is make skin feel damp and slightly sticky (ew).

It contains nothing that enhances makeup wear; in fact, using too much of this stuff can lead to makeup meltdown or streaking. Not to mention, what I like to call the "barbie" look--plastic and shiny...and totally disgusting. Plus the fragrance from both synthetic and plant extracts are WAY over the top and made me puke all over the place.

On the other hand, if you want to throw your money away, get a bottle for $25.50. Or give it to me so I can buy more lip gloss.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fab Belts Galore!! AND a GIVEAWAY!!!

I'm currently in love with Little Gorilla Design.  They sell oodles of things, but their specialty is interchangeable belt buckles.

The buckles are super unique and the designs are inspired by scrapbook paper that designer Cindy Perkins thought would look gorgey on a buckle.  She was right.  These buckles are amazingly unique and stylish.  They have loads of fab designs, so no matter what tickles your fancy, you're bound to find a buckle you love.

Each buckle is handmade, and really is a piece of art.

The company also sells a variety of belts to go with the buckles--though I prefer the simple ones, they've got everything from belts strewn with grommets to etched and braided designs.  Most of the belts are about $20. All belts are made of leather and have a double snap to hold the buckle.

The buckles themselves are usually around $50 and it's well worth it for what you get.  Fall is all about accessories and these buckles are perfect for a focal piece of any outfit.

Little Gorilla Design has teamed up with Sassy Fashionista for a giveaway!! Below is a picture of the belt and buckle that's up for grabs:

How pretty is this design?! I love it.  The colors are perfect for fall and would look great with dark wash denim. And one lucky reader will win the set.

To enter the giveaway, send an email to with the subject line reading "LITTLE GORILLA DESIGN".  The giveaway ends 9/20 and the winner will be alerted via email.

Good luck, ladies!!!

Disclosure: This post contains a product sent for giveaway consideration. My priority is to you, and I honor that commitment by being honest! If you have any questions about this, please email me.  

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fashion Faux Pas: Harem Pants (AGAIN!!???!!)

You've GOT to be kidding me.

While researching for a freelance piece about fall trends, I came upon this lovely pair of pants.

For those who don't recall, I've already written on my hate of harem pants and, quite honestly, thought that they'd tapered off (pun intended) for another thousand years.

Nope. Apparently the fashion gods have declared that it's still fashionable to look like you have skinny little ankles, a huge ass and what I call, "child-bearing" hips.

These are the least flattering pants I have seen in my entire life. How can anyone look at these and say to themselves, 'hmm these would look fab with that new top I picked up' ? I have no idea, but that's what seems to be going on.

Let's list out the problems, shall we?
  • The crotch is about a foot lower than need be, which creates not only a weird elongated-crotch look, but also makes the stomach look huge.
  • The cut of the hips and general bulkiness at the top (which isn't helped by the fact that two ridiculously large pockets are on either size) would make Kate Moss look fat.
  • The tapered off ankle that these hideous pants end with greatly contrast with the bulkiness of the rest of the pants, making everything else look even larger.
There are so many other problems, but I'm just too shocked and saddened to list anymore.

Unless you want to look as if you're wearing a full diaper (not helped by the lovely color), these pants aren't for you.

Let's just say that I don't recommend anyone wearing these ever and if I find out that someone has, I will track them down and beat them mercilessly.

If you're willing to take that risk, you can get these "fashionable" pants at Top Shop for $80.  Ahhhh! I hate them so much!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bloomingdales Clinique GWP!

Huzzah! Clinique has the absolute best gifts with purchase. Their latest one from Bloomingdale's really tickles my fancy.

Just spend $25 and this gift is yours! Here's what you get:

  • Take the Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes and Lips, 1.7 fl oz

  • Youth Surge Night Age Decelerating Night Moisturizer, 1.5 ml

  • Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer SPF 20

  • Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

  • Colour Compact including Colour Surge Eye Shadow in Frosted Blossom and Chocolate Chip, Blushing Blush Powder Blush in Iced Lotus

  • Lash Doubling Mascara in Black, .14 oz

  • Lash Building Primer, .08 oz

  • Milly for Clinique Lipstick Case

  • Milly for Clinique bag

  • The gift is a $75 value, so it's pretty amazing.  The products look great, but per usual it's the bag that got my attention!

    Such a great deal! Hop on over to Bloomies (or their website) for this fabbity-fab GWP!

    Friday, September 3, 2010

    Portsmouth NH Spotlight: Paradiza Boutique

    Paradiza is not just any boutique.  It prides itself on being a "unique boutique" and they do just that.

    Upon walking into the shop, you're immediately welcomed by a plethora of amazing items (most of which you'd never see anywhere else).  You can easily spend hours wandering around the nooks and crannies of Paradiza without even realizing it! There's so much to see, and all of it is beautiful. 

    Just to name a few of the items they've got is difficult since almost every single thing is as unique as the last!  That said, the shop carries gorgeous handbags from Turkey, Trollbeads, amazing soaps and lotions from around the world and Iron Fairies.  Oh, and oodles of cards from many different artists.  The thing that makes Paradiza special is that most of the products they sell are either locally made, or from somewhere magical.

    The Iron Fairies the store sells are quite popular.  They're these adorable little fairies that just about fit in the palm of your hand and are very special.  Each one comes with a bottle of fairy dust, a poem from the fairy, a special miners pouch and a lovely tin.  They make great gifts, or are a perfect treat for yourself!

    I was beyond excited when I found out that there is actually a fairy named Alana.  An Alana fairy?! I never see my name anywhere, so I knew this was one special fairy. She's got the most adorable poem in a scroll that comes with her:

    Alana, I am called
    in the garden I roam though
    the sour grass, my home
    the colors make all my senses soar
    soft yellows and tranquil greens
    swaying stems rolling like a wave
    all around me
    my ocean cave
    blue skies and yellow towers
    I look up to my bedroom flowers

     How cute is that?

    Paradiza has teamed up with Sassy Fashionista to giveaway Alana, the Iron Fairy to one of my lucky readers!

    To enter the giveaway, send an email to with the subject line reading "PARADIZA".  The giveaway ends 9/10 and the winner will be alerted via email.

    Good luck, ladies!

    Disclosure: This post contains a product sent for giveaway consideration. My priority is to you, and I honor that commitment by being honest! If you have any questions about this, please email me. 

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