Friday, October 14, 2016

Of COURSE Kate Spade Has the Fanciest Flasks!

There are two things I'm currently obsessed with: Kate Spade (for obvious reasons), and flasks (again, for obvious reasons...ish).

Before I even understood fashion, I loved Kate Spade. I just knew the brand was classy, and that as an adult, I hoped to always own a few of their bags and baubles--finances be damned! And as I dreamed, I almost always have a few Kate Spade handbags, as well as some of their gorgeous jewelry...just don't tell my husband.

As far as flasks go, I used my first one in college. I thought it would be hilarious to fill it with water, pretend it was vodka, and take it to class with me. I also thought that doing the same exact thing at my Grandma's house for Thanksgiving would be a hoot. Unfortunately, I don't remember anyone finding it as funny as me, but whatever--I was going to continue to drink non-alcoholic beverages from a flask--and as long as it had me awkwardly giggling to myself, I would continue to do so! Clearly it wasn't a phase or anything, as I am currently thirty and I still drink water from flasks for entertainment.

I only recently found out that Kate Spade has the fanciest flasks I've ever seen in my life. Two of my fave things combined?! I've got to get one (or both)! And hey, I might just throw some actual liquor in them to celebrate! THIS IS HUGE!

Pictured above on the left is the super luxe Two of a Kind 'Just Between Us' Gold Faceted Flask. I love the classic look, the gold detail, and the general shape of the flask. Oh yeah, and the fact that printed in tiny block letters is the phrase, 'Just Between Us'. I like that. And it's true. Because, in all actuality, what you fill it with is just between you and the flask! No need to involve others.

The second one pictured is a pretty, dainty flask called the Silver Street 'Happy Hour' Flask.This one isn't hiding anything. It practically screams, "It's happy hour, and Imma get my drink on, but I'm doing it with this classy flask, so everything's cool". That might seem like a lot for a flask to say, but having the words 'Happy Hour' printed neatly on the front really doesn't leave much to the imagination. It's not a bad thing; in fact, I love that the sleek bottle tells it like it is. The cheeky, girlish flask, "engraved with encouragement for happy hour", really is perfect to throw in a clutch for a night out. Love it!

Both flasks are beyond fabulous. Personally, I want one of each so I have a flask to match my mood. That said, they'd also make great gifts, so keep them in mind for the holidays. At $40 each, the flasks are without a doubt, a couple of the chicest and least expensive gifts that Kate Spade has to offer. And I don't hate it!

Happy shopping (and drinking), ladies!

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