Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fashion Faux Pas: The Stained [ish] Shirt

In honor of Halloween, here's a ridiculous sweater I stumbled upon.

Autumn Cashmere's navy stripe palm cashmere polo sweater boggles my mind.  Okay, I get that the graphic on the shirt is supposed to be a palm tree.  But why is it red?

When I first looked at this sweater, I honestly thought it had some sort of fake blood on it.  How...attractive?  If I hadn't read the item description, I'd have no idea what the graphic was.

How is this okay?

If you're into the whole looking-like-you-have-blood-all-over-you look, you can purchase the sweater for a steep $165.  Or just take an ugly shirt that you already own and spill red paint on it.

Luna Twilight Color Palette

I'm not a fan of the Twilight's just really not my scene.  That said, I get that most people are obsessed with the whole vampire thing.

However, something amazing has come to the beauty world courtesy of Twilight.  Luna Twilight Color Palette is simply splendid.  I'm a sucker for palettes anyway, but this one is pretty cool.  It includes lip, cheek and eye colors.  

The colors are loosely-based on the characters from Twilight.  I'm not quite sure how that works...but I'm happy with the outcome!

There are four different palettes in the collection; I like the Rosalie palette.  The lip gloss looks bright and fresh, the eyeshadow is natural-looking, yet packs a bit of shimmer, and the cheek color is just plain pretty.

You can grab one of these bad boys for $28.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Beauty Boo-Boo: Lipstick Covered Teeth

Since I wear an insane amount of lipstick, I've had my fair share of discovering lipstick on my teeth.  Usually hours after I applied my lipstick.  Pretty embarrassing.

Even if you wear the most flattering shade, your look can be ruined if it travels to your pearly whites. Here's what you can do to avoid this:

Always prime and set:  make sure to apply a lipliner before putting on lipstick.  Once the lipstick has been applied, place a tissue on your lips and some translucent powder on it.

Remove excess lipstick:  once you have applied the lipstick, put a finger in your mouth, close your lips and gently slide it out.  This should remove any lipstick that you might have on your teeth, or anywhere in your mouth.

And there you have it; gorgeous lips without the embarrassment!

Pink Me Up!

Victoria's Secret always has fabulous makeup.  Their new Pink Me Up line is no exception.  Everything in the collection is shimmery and pretty; probably more for younger gals, but it's really too cute to pass up anyhow.

Currently, you can purchase any three Pink Me Up products for $15! That's a pretty good deal. 

My fave products are the Lip Gloss Ring (who doesn't love a cute plastic ring with lipgloss inside??) and the Chubby Eye Crayons.  The eye crayons come in a bunch of colors and are great as a liner.

I'm lovin' it!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness: Coach Floral Scarf

First of all, how pretty is this scarf?  Pink and purple are my favorite colors (yes, I know--I am practically Barbie), so I love it!

Also, 20% of proceeds from Coach's Multi Floral Scarf will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Each scarf is $38. I normally don't indulge in scarves that are more than $10 or so, but this one is SO cute.  And it's for a good cause, right?

Techie Accessory: Robot USB Key cute is this USB key?

Swarovski has come out with this adorable Robot Naughty Raymond USB Memory Key.  I'm basically in love with it.  Even if I didn't need to save files, I'd probably carry it around just for fun.

This little robot has a 2 GB USB key integrated with a high-speed 2.0 interface. The black body is set with crystals in the Pointiage technique.

The only downside is the price.  Each of these cuties are a steep $180. I'll have to save up for a while!

Review: Anew Reversalist System

This past week, I had the chance to try out Avon's new Anew Reversalist skincare system.

The duo includes a Night Renewal Cream and a Renewal Serum.  The cream is only to be used at night and the serum should be applied each morning (before, or in place of moisturizer), and night.

To work, the system uses activin, a protein complex.  With these products, activin's wound healing powers are triggered, acting much like professional laser treatments. This leads to greater collagen production and, in turn, younger-looking skin.  It's certainly an interesting idea and seems like a healthy way to get gorge skin.

I tried out the system for about a week and noticed a little difference in my skin, which is actually saying a lot given the fact that most skincare products can take months to actually give any sort of result!  

Fortunately, I'm in only my 20s, so my skin is fairly decent.  But I do like to use anti-aging products as a preventative measure.

Upon first application (which was overnight), I did find that my skin was softer.  The next morning, it seemed like my overall skintone was more even, meaning I had to cake on less makeup than usual (huge plus!)  By the end of the week, I simply noticed more of the same; mainly my skin looked like my skin, but a little better.  With continued use, I could def see how it would repair aged-skin.

Also, I have severely dry, sensitive skin and the products did not irritate it at all.

I do have to say though, there was one thing I disliked about the product. For some reason, it seems to leave behind a film.  It feels a bit greasy and might cause certain skin types to break out.  Since my skin is so dry, I didn't have that problem, but it's something to consider.

Overall, it's a good system and I'd recommend it to anyone looking to achieve the look of younger skin.

You can purchase the duo for $59 from Avon.

Cure Cold Weather Skin: Olay Active Hydrating Cream

My skin is constantly dry.  It practically falls off when cold weather hits.  I have a prescription eczema cream, but it's greasy upon application, which is fine for nighttime, but during the day I need something different.

Olay's Active Hydrating Cream is the bomb diggity.  I found it at Target and I haven't been able to stop using it!  I went for the sensitive skin version; it's fragrance free and doesn't irritate my skin at all.

This is a great product to use as a daily moisturizer for anyone.  Though it's called a cream, it applies much lighter than most creams out there.  I apply it right after I get out of the shower, give it a few minutes to penetrate into my skin, then apply my makeup.  The result is hydrated skin that lasts all day.

You can pick up the cream for about $7.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hard Candy at Walmart!

Hard Candy always had the most best nail polish in the '90s--c'mon, I'm sure some of you were guilty of wearing one of their fun lime green or cobalt blue shades.

Now the brand is back, with a line exclusively for Walmart.  The brand has a new look, and tons of new products.  Plus, everything is in the under $10 range.

My personal fave is the Eye Candy Compact with Mini Glitter Pencil (pictured).  It packs a lot of shimmer, but I would totally rock this look for a night out.

The set is $5--how can you not love that?

I'm also excited to try out their Painted Lady Lipstick.  Basically, I want to get my hands on the entire collection.   To Walmart I go!

Breast Cancer Awareness: Super Shimmer Lip Gloss

Oh Sephora, how I love thee.

For the month of October, Sephora is donating $1 from each sale of Super Shimmer lip gloss in Forever Pink to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The gloss is a pretty pink with tons of shine. Each tube retails for $10. It's a must-have for anyone who is obsessed with lip gloss.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Whoops Bunny Makeup Sticks

I don't care if these makeup sticks are for kids--I love them!  Whoops Bunny's All Natural Makeup Sticks are fab. These adorable sticks can be used on eyes, lips, cheeks...basically anywhere.  All 5 sticks come packaged in a recyclable tube, and they are made of all natural and biodegradable ingredients.

The color combos are endless with these.  I'd like to blend the pink and orange for a coral hue to apply on my lips.

The set is $25.  Oh and did I mention how super cute the entire set is?

$14 LBD from Walmart!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this LBD (Little Black Dress) at Walmart!  They are not really known for having very good clothing, so this is a bit of a surprise.

The Norma Kamali Cap-Sleeve Jersey Wrap Dress is gorge.  It's flattering for every figure.  The dress emphasizes the natural waist of the body (which is usually the tiniest part on any gal).  The overall cut is very timeless and classic.

This is a good dress to have on hand, as it's basically seasonless.  You could wear this with some bright opaque tights and a cardi for winter, or pair it with strappy metallic sandals for summer.

This delightful specimen is $14.  How can you not buy it?  Sadly, the website is lacking in terms of size availability.  However, the dress is so cute that I suggest taking a trip to the store itself and searching for it in the sale section.

Drugstore Diva: Perfect Red Plumping Gloss

It's tough to find a plumping lip gloss that doesn't irritate my lips.  Most of 'em actually hurt upon application and I'm forced to immediately scrub it off.  Luckily, this is not the case with L'Oreal's Infallible Plumping Lipgloss.

I'd already tried the regular Infallible gloss and really liked it, as it has great staying power.  The plumping gloss is basically the same formula with the added benefit of a plumper.  It doesn't flake off or have that "plastic-y" look like lots of other long-lasting products.  It stays fresh and gorgeous for hours.

I really like the Plumped Red shade.  Despite the brightness of the tube, the application is sheer and a lot more toned-down.  This is a great gloss for anyone who really wants to try red, but is too scared to go for the real deal.

The best part?  The gloss is under $10!

Monday, October 26, 2009

My Beauty Prayers Have Been Answered: Shadow Shields

I'm constantly finding fallen eye shadow under my eyes after applying a great smokey eye.  It's very frustrating and requires using a makeup wipe to remove said makeup, reapplying my under-eye moisturizer, then patting concealer on.

Enter Shadow Shields. They are disposable, light-weight adhesives that easily attach under the eye to catch falling makeup residue. The adhesive on the back of the shield is strong enough to hold it in place, yet is also gentle enough for the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Simply place it under your eye before applying shadow and remove when you're done.  The shield catches everything and there's no need for a touchup!

You can buy a box of 30 shields for about $10. 

Fashion Faux Pas: Literally Draping Yourself in Velvet

When I opened my email today, I found a "fashion news bulletin" informing me that velvet is in for winter.  This isn't really news to me; velvet is usually in around the holiday season.  What was alarming was the Velvet Wrap Dress that is claimed to be all the rage. 

Okay...when I first saw it, all I could think of was the episode of Seinfeld when George went on about being draped in velvet if it were socially acceptable.  Even he knew that it is not socially acceptable.  Nor will it ever be.  

The dress looks like a sack.  A pretty sack, yes, but it will do nothing for the body.  It doesn't have any shape whatsoever.  And yet, the dress is SOLD OUT despite its hefty $160 price tag.

If you have money to blow, I'd suggest purchasing the dress and using is as a curtain.  Or just buy a decent dress.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Beautiful Brown Mascara

BADgal mascaras are simply amazing.  The formula is creamy and well-pigmented, the brush applies just the right amount of the product, and the colors are great.

Their latest mascara hue is BADgal Brown.  I. Love. This. Stuff.

Since I'm crazily pale, I can't usually pull off black mascara.  Most of the brown options out there are either too light, or just weird looking.  The brown shade of this mascara is perfect.  It's a deep chocolate brown, which is very flattering for most.

This is a good mascara for daytime.  It makes your lashes noticeable, not over the top.

Each tube is $19, which is a tid bit expensive, but I think it's worth it for a fabulous mascara.

Fashion Savings: Cute Scarf for WAY Less!

To me, the scarves pictured look pretty close to identical.  There are some slight differences, but I'd say that they're both super cute in the same way.

Why then, is the one on the left $400 while the other one is $13?!  The Missoni Sport Chevron print scarf is pricier simply because of the name that's attached to it.  Payless' version, the Zig Zag scarf, is just as pretty.

I understand the fact that everyone wants cool designer accessories, but $400 is a bit much for a scarf that looks like a $13 one, don't you think? Save your money!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Beauty Boo-Boo: Telescopic Explosion Mascara

Ever since I saw Givenchy's Phenomen mascara, I've been intrigued. Unfortunately, it's a bit pricey--$30.  Seems like a lot for mascara that I don't know if I like yet. So, when L'Oreal came out with their Telescopic Explosion mascara, I almost jumped for joy.  At only $9, this appears to be almost an exact replica of its steeper cousin.

Okay, so I hate this mascara. Not to brag, but I feel that I'm pretty skilled with mascara wands--I've tried a bunch of different ones and I knew that this one would be a challege, but figured I could handle it. No matter what I did, the mascara clumped all over the place. Like the directions said, I held the brush vertically at first, but it wasn't working out so I tried holding it horizontally. This basically had no difference, ecept that it clumped even more.

Since the brush is so tiny, applying mascara takes quite a chunk of time. I'm not a big fan of that, especially when the results are not great.

The mascara did seem to give a bit of length, and maybe with a different brush or a lash comb it could work. But the whole point of a "revolutionary brush" is that it's supposed to be amazing on its own.

Don't waste your money when there are so many other good quality, cheap mascaras out there!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness: Michael Kors Tee

Saks Fifth Avenue teamed up with Michael Kors to create this adorable long sleeve tee.  It's comfy and cute, but best of all, proceeds are being donated to various cancer charities.

The Key To The Cure Tee is $40, but hey it's for a good cause.  Over $30 from your purchase of this cotton tee, with exclusive Michael Kors design, will benefit local women's cancer charities.

Life-Saving Lip Gloss

Yes, it's true; this lip gloss could literally save your life.  And I don't just mean that it's so gorgeous that it will make your life 5748395743 times better.  The gloss is pretty, but it actually has a second use.

Unfortunately, date rape drugs are still all over the place.  Unless you constantly have your eyes on your drink, it's pretty easy for some sketchy guy to drop a pill into the glass.  Especially if you're already a little tipsy. 2 Love My Lips is more than a pretty plumping gloss, it's also a drug-testing kit. Each tube comes equipped with a simple strip treated to detect gamma hydroxy butyrate (GHB) and ketamine, which are notorious date-rape drugs. 

If a gal is concerned that someone may have tampered with her drink, she can simply dip her finger or straw in the liquid and place a drop onto the strip. If GHB or ketamine is present, it will turn dark blue within a couple seconds.

How cool is this?? The gloss comes in five flattering hues.  Currently, it's only available in the UK, but you can order it online and have it shipped here. Each tube is about $15, not bad for being safe!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Forget Me Knot

Ummm...So, I'm basically obsessed with this ring.  Someone needs to buy it for me (hint, hint).

The Forget Me Knot ring, created by Kiel Mead, is the prettiest ring I've seen in a long time. The master mold for the ring was even crafted from an actual tied piece of string. This is as a such sweet gift to get from a boyfriend or best friend (or, even for yourself--I mean, it's so cute!)

The ring is available in sterling silver (for $49.50) or pure gold (for $168).Okay, the price is a little bit steep for my post-grad pockets, but this is definitely on my wish list!

Sephora's Friends and Family SALE!!!

Sephora hardly ever has sales, so this is huge.  It's time to stock up, ladies!

If you visit right now, you will get 20% off ANY ORDER OF ANY AMOUNT with code FF2009. 

The sale is only going until November 1st (not much time, I know), so take advantage of the sale now!

Personally, I've had my eye on Smashbox's Lights, Camera, Action Blockbuster Kit. Regularly, the set is a steep $99, which is waaay over my makeup budget.  But with the sale, it's about $80.  Still pricey, but it's a bit more reasonable.

Good luck, and happy shopping!

Beauty Boo-Boo: Lindsay Lohan

I randomly stumbled upon this picture of Miss Lindsay Lohan and I just had to post it. Sure, we all have unflattering photos of ourselves, but this is the worst picture I've ever seen of her. What the hell happened? She used to be gorgeous and cute as a button, but quite frankly she looks disgusting and waaaay older than her actual age. Her hair is over-processed (she's the poster child for not dyeing dark hair an unnatural platinum blonde). And do I see wrinkles? Don't even get me started on her sequined gettup. I mean, I fully realize that sequins are in this season, but that's no reason to sport an over-the-top, ill-fitting gold sequined jacket.

Lindsay, get with the program. All the drinking and drugs are catching up with ya, girlfriend.

That is all.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tutorial: Peacock Eyes for Night

Aqua eyeshadow can be a little scary.  I was terrified to try it at first.  I actually went into The Body Shop looking for some new products and asked a sales gal what eyeshadow I should try for a fun, different evening look.  I had been sticking to the same basic colors--brown, bronze, plum, and gray.  When she pulled out their Peacock Green shade, I freaked out a little.  Because I have green eyes, I had always been told that I couldn't really wear green eyeshadow--it'd just clash.  But as I tried out the look, I realized that it actually looked pretty damn gorgeous for a night on the town. And it was def different from my normal routine.  Here's how I do the look:

Start off with a clean canvas.  Apply a bit of moisturizer and concealer to the lid.  Then, add on a basic beige eyeshadow with just a pinch of shimmer.

Take The Body Shop's Eye Shimmer in Emerald and sweep it on the lid from your lashline to just above the crease.  Make sure to blend this really well.  This color is great because it has almost an iridescent sheen to it that enhances any eyeshadow when you wear it underneath or on top.  You can also use any light green shimmer for a similar effect.

Next, you're ready for the bright stuff.  Apply The Body Shop's Eye Color in Peacock Green from the lashline to the crease, then blend up.  I highly suggest buying this actual color.  Finding a good blue-ish green shade is really difficult.  There aren't too many good ones out there.  Try starting out with a light layer of shadow and build it up.  This is fairly high-pigmented so after a few layers you should be good.  One layer will look too much like a weird neon green hue that isn't really socially acceptable...unless that's what you're going for.

Apply a dark gray eyeliner as close to the top lashline as possible.  I like using a pencil for this look because it's easier to blend in.  Run your finger along the line to do this.  Any too-visible lines tend to look way overdone, and this look is right up there as it is.

This picture may look alarming--I'm sorry, but I wanted to show you guys how to apply eyeliner to the lower lashline.  You want to gently tug at the center right under your eye until you can see the pink from just on the other side of the lashes.  Lining this and blending out looks sharp and professional.  Having a gap from your eye to the liner can look sloppy.  On the bottom, I like to use a bronze liner.  We tend to think that when using an eyeliner, we have to use the same color all the way around.  In all actuality, using two different colors can be really flattering, as it brings out the different shades in your eyes.  Also, using one dark eyeliner can make your eyes look smaller, which no one really wants.  Using a dark color on top and a lighter one on the bottom can open your eyes up a bit.

This is what your eye should look like when it's completely lined.  See how sharp and well-blended the bottom line looks? And the different color eyeliners look really cool and flattering.  One your eyes are lined, clean up the undereye area; chances are a bunch of eyeshadow collected there.  Then, apply a bit of concealer to the area.

Next, go back to the Emerald shimmer shadow and apply it to the inner corner of the eye.  Blend it in towards the middle of the lid to give almost a cat-eye look.  Then, use a small brush and sweep a little from the corner towards the middle of the lower lashline.  Blend this into the eyeliner for a seamless effect.

This is what the lid should look like. Apply two coats of black mascara.

Because the eyes are so bold, you'll want to tone down everything else. Use a light pinky-peach blush and a nude lip gloss to complete the look.

P.S.: Thanks to my super-duper boyfriend for taking these pictures (and most of the previous tutorial ones)!  I don't know too many guys who would spend multiple evenings taking step-by-step pictures of their girlfriend applying makeup!

Bamboo Brushes

Sometimes, using the right brush can make a huge difference when it comes to your makeup looking fab. Lauren Hutton's Bamboo Brush Set is a great bunch of brushes to have.

The dual-ended set includes every type of makeup brush you need, plus each brush is made with sustainable, natural bamboo.

The coolest part is that each end is color coded and matches a colored ring that is found on all Lauren Hutton products. That way, there's no mystery as to which brush goes with which product.

This is a brilliant idea. I know that I have countless random brushes cluttering up my bathroom sink; most of which I rarely use. I don't even have any idea what some of them are supposed to be used for. This is a foolproof idea--it's practically like paint-by-numbers.

The brush set is currently on sale (Yippee!!!) for $29, marked down from $60.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Damaged Hair Helper: Biolustre

My hair is damaged beyond belief.  I started coloring it in the 6th grade.  I've been blow drying and flat ironing it daily since high school.  Plus it's just ridiculously thick and dry to begin with.

When I heard about Biolustre, I was a bit skeptical.  The product claims to restore damaged hair back to a "virgin hair"  state, meaning it should go back to the way it was before any coloring or heat styling had occurred.  It honestly sounds too good to be true.  Nevertheless, I'm generally willing try just about anything to repair my locks, so I gave it a go.

Did it return my hair back to luscious, untampered with, "virgin hair"?  No.  But, my hair is definitely in much better shape than it was.   It's silky smooth and looks healthy, which is basically a miracle for my hair.  I'm pretty impressed!

The system uses four products to achieve gorgeous hair: 

1) Release Cleansing Shampoo: This gentle cleansing shampoo removes excess oils and product build-up preparing the hair for the Biolustre Revive Repair Treatment.

2) Revive Repair Treatment: This formula is clinically proven to actually repair hair to a near virgin (not processed) state. It can increase strength of hair by 25% to 250% depending on the level of damage.

3) Restore Maintenance Treatment Shampoo: This contains Biolustre's exclusive Lustreloc Technology, which delivers low levels of polymers to provide added strength and shine to hair.

4) Renew Daily Conditioning Sealant: A daily conditioner formulated with ingredients like mint and tea tree oil for a soothing sensation. Renew is designed to help smooth the hair cuticle and seal in moisture.

Here's a before and after picture (not me), to give you an idea of the difference this product can make:

Amazing, right?

Everything works together and the outcome is pretty remarkable.  I love the conditioner in particular because it has a nice mint scent and it deeply penetrates the hair.  I don't remember the last time my hair looked this good!

You can buy the treatment set for about $40 from Biolustre directly.

Breast Cancer Awareness: Sonia Kashuk Purse-Sized Brushes

It's always a good idea to have a good-quality brush set that's portable enough to traveling.  Sonia Kashuk's Brush Up on Pink 4-pc. Purse Set is great for this.  Plus, it's pink and comes with a super cute bag to carry 'em in!

The four brushes cover the basics of what you need for your daily makeup routine.  They're all very well made and make blending amazingly easy. 

15% of the purchase price of this limited-edition kit is being donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Each kit is $12.99.  Oh and by the way, they're also selling this adorable pink eyelash curler for about $10! For some reason, everything is so much cuter when it's pink, don't you think? (hahaha, I rhymed!)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness: Sealed With a Cure!

Take it from me:  you can never have enough lip gloss.  As I openly admit, I probably own over 100.  It seems excessive, but I can't stop!  I'm addicted to having shiny, sparkly lips.

My latest find is from Purple Lab.  I've been obsessed with them since I found out about their Huge Lips Skinny Hips gloss.  Their new gloss, SWAC: Sealed With A Cure, is another luxurious lip delight.

It's a shimmering pale pink, which is a great go-to lip gloss color for daytime.  It looks natural, yet gives your lips a little punch of dazzle.  The gloss is super moisturizing and glides onto the lips smoothly.

An added bonus:  some of the proceeds from the gloss will go to The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation.

You can pink up a tube for $18.50.

Instant Virtual Makeover at

Though I'm obsessed with trying out new makeup, my skin can only take so much. All that scrubbing off makeup and reapplying can really take it's toll. So I'm pretty thankful for all the online makeover programs out there. I've tried a few, and so far the easiest site with the best results has been

You can upload your own photo to the site and apply virtual makeup. Once you have the results you want, you can even email yourself a list of the products used to create the look for your shopping convenience. Fabulous, no?

I did my makeover fairly quickly (like in five minutes), so it isn't exactly the best possible look for me (for starters, I'm well aware of the fact that the foundation is too light and not really a great formula for me). But for those interested, here's the list of products I virtually used:
  • BeneFit creaseless cream eyeshadow/liner in Stiletto
  • Global Goddess Beauty Chai Cheek Color in Chowrasta
  • CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation in Ivory 205
  • Clinque Kohl Shaper for Eyes in Black Amethyst
  • Stila Brow Polish in Medium
  • Stila lash visor waterproof mascara in Brown
I think this is a great idea, and it costs way less (um...nothing) than going out and buying a product that you don't even know if you'll like on yourself.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness: Butter LONDON Pink Ribbon Polish

I simply cannot get enough of all the breast cancer awareness goodies that are out there. Especially all the cute pink nail polishes!

My latest find is Butter LONDON's Pink Ribbon polish. The company is donating 100% of the proceeds to breast cancer research.

The nail polish is a classic pale french pink. I love wearing this color because it makes my nails look fresh, gorgey and natural.

Each bottle costs $14--but hey, it's for a good cause.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fashion Faux Pas: Disco Pants

When I saw these pants, I assumed they were a joke.  No such luck.  American Apparel has created these bizarre pants and even claims that they're flattering:  [the] heavyweight Nylon/Elastane blend creates a flattering slimming effect.

Let me fill you all in on something:  any material that is shiny in any way will put any flaws you may have on display.  Pants like this work almost like a spotlight for things you don't want seen.  It also makes legs appear larger--that's just how shiny material is.  And that's why we should all avoid it unless we have model-esque bodies (and even then, the look is debatable).

I aslo have a problem with the high waist.  When will this trend be over?  High-waisted pants simply makve everyone's mid-section look huge.  For a flattering look, you want something that cuts it in half to diminish this.

Even the model doesn't look great in these pants.  That's a pretty good indication that no one should be wearing them.  Ever.

Think Pink: Pretty Pink Flats

I'm a sucker for free gifts with purchases.  Especially when the free gift is a pretty pink scarf and the purchase is a pair of gorgous flats!

For a limited time, when you purchase a pair of Nicole's pink flats, you'll get a scarf to match!  Okay, so the shoes are more than I'd usually be willing to shell out for shoes (about $80), but these are the cutest flats I've ever seen.  I love the embellishment on the toe.  It seems so elegant and totally satisfies my need for something sparkly.  And the pink is so soft and toned down, that it basically could work as a neutral.  The peep-toe makes them wearable year-round.

So, what's not to love?

Gorgeous Glow

As Winter approaches, my skin tends to lose it's luster. This is a common problem; it's a result of spending more time inside and the weather drying out skin. Because of this, I'm constantly searching for ways to brighten my face without looking like I have greasy--or worse, glittery--skin.

Pixi's Brightening Primer does the trick. Since it goes on under your makeup, you completely avoid shininess and just look like you're glowing. It doesn't look obvious and chances are you'll get tons of questions about what you're doing to look so fab.

Though the product is $33, it's a must-have for those days when skin just looks "blah".

Friday, October 16, 2009

Tutorial: Va Va Voom Violet Eyes

Smokey eyes are great for a night out, but why stick to plain old black and gray shadows? You can actually create a smokin' smokey eye with nearly any color. Jewel tones are in this season, and purple is my fave. It makes all eye colors pop, especially green, brown and hazel. I know it can seem a little scary to use a purple eyeshadow, but it's really quite flattering and depending on how comfortable you are, it's easy to tone down or layer up.

Start off by applying moisturizer to the eye area. A thin layer will do; pat to dry. Next, prep your lid by brushing on a cream concealer. Eyeshadow will adhere to it better than you natural lid; it also won't crease and will last all night.

Use a pale lavender eyeshadow (I like one with a little shimmer) all over the lid, especially under the browbone. It's important that this shade is not too purple; it should be more cream/pink hued than anything else.

For all the shadows, I used NP Set's Amsterdam Eye Palette. The lightest shade works perfectly for this step.

Using the same palette, apply the medium shade on the lid from your lashline to your crease blending upwards as you go.

Next, use a deep purple pencil eye liner and line your top lid from the inner corner out, as close to the lashline as possible. To get a straight line, gently pull the outside corner of your lid towards your cheekbone. This will give you a smooth surface to work with. To line, I like L'Oreal's HiP Color Chrome Eyeliner in Violet Volt. It's really well-pigmented and easy to blend.

Take a dark purple shadow and apply it over the liner to blend even more. Use an eyeliner brush to do this (any small brush will work) and blend with your fingertips. This is the key step to getting a flawless smokey eye--harsh lines tend to ruin the look.

When you're using dark eyeshadows, chances are you'll end up with a lot of unwanted color under your eyes. Because of this, I like to hold off on undereye concealer until I'm done using dark shadows. Using a gentle makeup remover wipe, remove the excess color. Dot on a liquid concealer and blend with your ring finger.

Next, apply the light lavender shadow to the inner corner of the eye. Blend into the inner 1/4 of the lid. This wakes the eye up and gives you a fresher look.

Finally, curl your lashes and brush on a bright purple mascara. It's a nice touch that surprisingly doesn't make you look overdone if you use the right mascara. Victoria's Secret has a great one, their Beauty Rush mascara in Violight adds just enough purple to give eyes an extra pop.

Because the focus of this look is the eyes, you'll want to downplay everything else to avoid looking like some sort of clown. A simple matte peach blush and nude lipgloss finish off the look nicely.

Breast Cancer Awareness: Pink Ribbon Keds

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Keds has created limited-edition Champion Pink Ribbon sneakers. 100% of the sales from these cute shoes will benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

How cute are these? I'm not normally a sneaker gal, but these are calling my name. They're pink and adorable. If I were a pair of sneakers, these would be me.

You can buy a pair of these beauties for $40.

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