Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bargain Bag

Even when I have 54738957430 things to carry, I choose to use a huge purse rather than a backpack. It just looks so much cuter.

Avon's Wool Tote of the Town is perfect for this. It's such a classic bag that goes with virtually every outfit. And it just looks...cozy. I don't know if purses can be cozy, but if so this one definitely is.

Plus the bag is huge (well, not ridiculous huge, but plenty large enough to hold tons of stuff). There are 3 zippered pockets, plus a zippered pocket divider in the middle. I'm such a fan of bags with lots of compartments for organization. This has enough room to carry all your makeup, wallet, cell phone, and even a few magazines!

The bag is currently on sale for about $30.

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