Friday, October 23, 2009

Life-Saving Lip Gloss

Yes, it's true; this lip gloss could literally save your life.  And I don't just mean that it's so gorgeous that it will make your life 5748395743 times better.  The gloss is pretty, but it actually has a second use.

Unfortunately, date rape drugs are still all over the place.  Unless you constantly have your eyes on your drink, it's pretty easy for some sketchy guy to drop a pill into the glass.  Especially if you're already a little tipsy. 2 Love My Lips is more than a pretty plumping gloss, it's also a drug-testing kit. Each tube comes equipped with a simple strip treated to detect gamma hydroxy butyrate (GHB) and ketamine, which are notorious date-rape drugs. 

If a gal is concerned that someone may have tampered with her drink, she can simply dip her finger or straw in the liquid and place a drop onto the strip. If GHB or ketamine is present, it will turn dark blue within a couple seconds.

How cool is this?? The gloss comes in five flattering hues.  Currently, it's only available in the UK, but you can order it online and have it shipped here. Each tube is about $15, not bad for being safe!

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