Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fashion Faux Pas: Furry Vests

Whether the fur is real or fake, I'm not really diggin' the whole furry vest trend. I realize that the look is "in" right now, but honestly that doesn't make it okay.

My first issue is that the vest pictured makes the model look like a mountain man. I can say this because I am from New Hampshire and I've seen my share of weirdo mountain men wandering through the forests. This is not a feminine look at all, nor does it really have the same tough vibe, as say a nice leather motorcycle jacket.

Also, if it is cold enough for you to wear fur (or faux fur), why wear only a vest? I've never really gotten this. I remember when Old Navy's performance fleece vests were in and I sported one, but it didn't seem to keep me warm at all. Plus, the model pictured isn't even wearing a long sleeved shirt underneath. Bare arms and a huge furry vest??! How is this acceptable?

The cut of the vest also doesn't do anything for her figure. It adds the appearance of at least 10 lbs to the frame, and who would want that?

If you really want to try wearing a furry piece, I say try an actual jacket like a normal person.

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