Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fashion Faux Pas: Disco Pants

When I saw these pants, I assumed they were a joke.  No such luck.  American Apparel has created these bizarre pants and even claims that they're flattering:  [the] heavyweight Nylon/Elastane blend creates a flattering slimming effect.

Let me fill you all in on something:  any material that is shiny in any way will put any flaws you may have on display.  Pants like this work almost like a spotlight for things you don't want seen.  It also makes legs appear larger--that's just how shiny material is.  And that's why we should all avoid it unless we have model-esque bodies (and even then, the look is debatable).

I aslo have a problem with the high waist.  When will this trend be over?  High-waisted pants simply makve everyone's mid-section look huge.  For a flattering look, you want something that cuts it in half to diminish this.

Even the model doesn't look great in these pants.  That's a pretty good indication that no one should be wearing them.  Ever.

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