Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tutorial: Peacock Eyes for Night

Aqua eyeshadow can be a little scary.  I was terrified to try it at first.  I actually went into The Body Shop looking for some new products and asked a sales gal what eyeshadow I should try for a fun, different evening look.  I had been sticking to the same basic colors--brown, bronze, plum, and gray.  When she pulled out their Peacock Green shade, I freaked out a little.  Because I have green eyes, I had always been told that I couldn't really wear green eyeshadow--it'd just clash.  But as I tried out the look, I realized that it actually looked pretty damn gorgeous for a night on the town. And it was def different from my normal routine.  Here's how I do the look:

Start off with a clean canvas.  Apply a bit of moisturizer and concealer to the lid.  Then, add on a basic beige eyeshadow with just a pinch of shimmer.

Take The Body Shop's Eye Shimmer in Emerald and sweep it on the lid from your lashline to just above the crease.  Make sure to blend this really well.  This color is great because it has almost an iridescent sheen to it that enhances any eyeshadow when you wear it underneath or on top.  You can also use any light green shimmer for a similar effect.

Next, you're ready for the bright stuff.  Apply The Body Shop's Eye Color in Peacock Green from the lashline to the crease, then blend up.  I highly suggest buying this actual color.  Finding a good blue-ish green shade is really difficult.  There aren't too many good ones out there.  Try starting out with a light layer of shadow and build it up.  This is fairly high-pigmented so after a few layers you should be good.  One layer will look too much like a weird neon green hue that isn't really socially acceptable...unless that's what you're going for.

Apply a dark gray eyeliner as close to the top lashline as possible.  I like using a pencil for this look because it's easier to blend in.  Run your finger along the line to do this.  Any too-visible lines tend to look way overdone, and this look is right up there as it is.

This picture may look alarming--I'm sorry, but I wanted to show you guys how to apply eyeliner to the lower lashline.  You want to gently tug at the center right under your eye until you can see the pink from just on the other side of the lashes.  Lining this and blending out looks sharp and professional.  Having a gap from your eye to the liner can look sloppy.  On the bottom, I like to use a bronze liner.  We tend to think that when using an eyeliner, we have to use the same color all the way around.  In all actuality, using two different colors can be really flattering, as it brings out the different shades in your eyes.  Also, using one dark eyeliner can make your eyes look smaller, which no one really wants.  Using a dark color on top and a lighter one on the bottom can open your eyes up a bit.

This is what your eye should look like when it's completely lined.  See how sharp and well-blended the bottom line looks? And the different color eyeliners look really cool and flattering.  One your eyes are lined, clean up the undereye area; chances are a bunch of eyeshadow collected there.  Then, apply a bit of concealer to the area.

Next, go back to the Emerald shimmer shadow and apply it to the inner corner of the eye.  Blend it in towards the middle of the lid to give almost a cat-eye look.  Then, use a small brush and sweep a little from the corner towards the middle of the lower lashline.  Blend this into the eyeliner for a seamless effect.

This is what the lid should look like. Apply two coats of black mascara.

Because the eyes are so bold, you'll want to tone down everything else. Use a light pinky-peach blush and a nude lip gloss to complete the look.

P.S.: Thanks to my super-duper boyfriend for taking these pictures (and most of the previous tutorial ones)!  I don't know too many guys who would spend multiple evenings taking step-by-step pictures of their girlfriend applying makeup!

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