Thursday, October 8, 2009

Today Only: Aerosoles Sale!

Have you tried Aerosoles shoes? I'm in love with 'em. For some reason, the brand has a connotation of being simple, comfy shoes for work--which usually means ugly. Once you actually look at some of the shoes they have though, it's easy to see that there are tons of adorable pairs. is having a one-day sale of Aerosole shoes. Most pairs are around $20, which is a huge deal since they usually run anywhere from $45-$130.

My two fave pairs are the Sweet Part shoes (pictured) and the Whisper flats. Both look extremely comfortable yet stylish. I love the Sweet Part pair a bunch--the vintage-y t-strap look is fabulous right now.

Hop over a buy a pair or two (or a dozen) before it's too late!

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