Sunday, January 21, 2018

Hard Candy is Launching a New Plumping Lip Gloss and I'm Obsessed!

I loved Hard Candy in the 90s, when it was re-released a few years ago, and now. Their products are incredible, and the prices are very reasonable. You're getting designer makeup at a Walmart price.

In February, Hard Candy is launching a new Plumping Serum and I'm super excited! If you've ever read this blog, you know how much I love lip products. Probably too much. I may have a problem.

Regardless of my lip gloss addiction, I was lucky enough to get to try the new product before its release, and I'm officially OBSESSED! I was already a fan of their old Plumping Serum Lip Gloss, so I didn't know what to expect. When I tried it and applied the product to my very thin lips, I immediately knew something was different. I felt a nice tingle and my lips looked beyond fabulous. I tried the Love Child hue, which is a dark pink with a touch of mauve. It basically is a color that looks like my natural lip color, only much better. I really love all the new colors as well.

I also felt like the gloss applied easier than the one that's currently on the shelves. The applicator is better--it really aids in making the gloss apply smoothly.

Below is a picture of the new colors that will be available:

This amazing new gloss will be sold at Walmart in February as part of Hard Candy's Spring collection. Each gloss will retail for $6. I think that's an amazing price for what you get! And it's worth the wait!

Happy shopping!

Disclosure: This post contains a product sent for review consideration. My priority is to you, and I honor that commitment by being honest! If you have any questions about this, please email me.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Fashion Faux Pas: Designer Crocs (Yes, Really)!

I can't believe how many times I've written about my hatred of Crocs. Yet somehow, they keep popping up. The latest being on various Spring 2018 runway shows, all blinged out.

The main offender? Balenciaga sent Crocs down the runway with its own high-fashion spin on the gardening shoe: adding a super-high platform and some “Balenciaga” charms. Needless to say, no amount of bling can hide the ugliness of these shoes.

Crazily enough, Balenciaga wasn’t the only brand to embrace the hideous plastic clunker: UK designer Christopher Kane offered a crystal-encrusted version, while Maison Margiela sold a $1,200 studded one.


I don't even have the adequate words to describe how horrified I am. This is ridiculous!

If you've got a minute, do a search on this blog for "Crocs", and you'll easily see how much I hate them in general. But designer Crocs?! It sounds like a joke. I can't imagine designers thinking that bedazzled, ugly shoes would help sell their garments. And then to sell them for over $1,000?! WHAT??! I wouldn't spend that amount on gorgeous shoes, let alone purchase one of these offensive pairs for that price.

Can we just all agree that Crocs are over? I can't go on with these hideous shoes in the world!

That is all.

[Image: New York Post]

Monday, January 15, 2018

Everyone Needs a Pop of Glitter!

It's no secret that I'm a shimmer and glitter addict. It has gotten to the point where when any of my friends see something glitter-related, they immediately send it to me. But, God I love it!

If there's anything I love as much as glitter, of course it's lip gloss. The two together? sublime!

Eyes Lips Face has an incredible Pop of Glitter Gel that really has everything I could possibly want in a makeup product. It's sold as a product for use over the face in multiple areas, and while I can see that some of the hues would work for that, It's a bit much for moi in the shade I love.

I'm obsessed with the Rose Gold tint. To the point where I feel like I should stock up on it. Being super pale, it's just the perfect hint of color (and glitziness, of course) for my complexion. I
Rose Gold Pop of Glitter Gel
haven't been brave enough to try it anywhere but my lips, but I imagine it'd make a great blush or highlighter, depending on your skintone.

Next, I think I'd like to try a lighter color as a highlighter and maybe the gold tone for my eyes. I think it'd look fabulous, but probably not all at once!

What makes this product so special is it's staying power. To test it out, I wore it alone on my lips for an entire night out and only once did I have to reapply. And even then, it looked fine, I just assumed I needed more! I've probably tried roughly 4573895 lip products, and even the ones that promise to last aren't nearly as great as this gel.

Even though it's technically a glitter product, I'd say the gel has more of a shimmer to it. I mean, much as I love glitter, I'm in my 30s and chunky glitter lip products probably are not longer age-appropriate. But this stuff is seriously amazing.

And for $4, how can you go wrong?!

Friday, January 12, 2018

My New Favorite Pants!

I can never say enough good things about Maurices! They always have tons of stuff that I lust over, and more importantly, everything fits my short, curvy frame. If you haven't shopped there, you are truly missing out.

Their pants are particularly amazing--most of my jeans are from Maurices, understandably. But the other day, I was in the store actually trying to find another pair of jeans (I've been kind of in a jeans rut), and the sales associate pointed out THE BEST PANTS IN THE WORLD.

Their DenimFlex Jeggings in Blue Jasmine are just perfect. I normally don't gravitate towards jeggings, in fact I believe there's a post on this site about how much I hated them years ago. But these are different. They're almost like a hybrid of jeggings and jeans; the best of both worlds!

When you wear these, they almost have a dark denim look to them, so they seriously match everything.

I've also had a problem with certain pants that I wear that I can only get a good hour out of because they stretch too much. Not a problem with these pants. They do have stretch, but they are not nearly as stretchy as other items I've tried. If you're concerned about this, go a size down from what you would usually wear to avoid having to pull up your pants every five minutes. That's never fun.

You can also buy the jeggings (I hate using that word!) in several other colors. I just happen to love the blue, but they all look stunning.

Maurices does tend to have some pretty pricey jeans, but these little beauties were a mere $34!

Happy shopping, ladies!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Prettiest Way to Detangle Your Hair

I have to give my lovely mom credit--she got me some pretty amazing gifts for Christmas. But one of my absolute faves is the Bella and Bear Brush on You Detangler Brush and Comb. The comb is great, but mainly I'm obsessed with the brush.

I know I've written about my hair struggles, but just in case you're a first time reader, my hair is ridiculously thick, wavy, frizzy, and I usually cannot get a brush to go through it. So the fact that this worked for me means that it can work for pretty much anyone out there!

First of all, how pretty is the brush?! It also comes in it's own drawstring bag in a matching fabric, so of course that's something I'm in love with.

The brush has firm, but not harsh, cone-shaped bristles without any sort of end bead, so you get a brush that easily glides through your tangles and stimulates your scalp at the same time. Also, The curved design of the brush fits perfectly in your hand, so you're not fighting with it for hours (much like my previous brushes). You can use it on wet hair, which is fabulous, but it also works well on dry hair.

Each detangling brush is under $15. Quite a steal compared to some others I've seen!

Happy shopping!

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