Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The other day I got a glorious package in the mail. What was it, you ask? Well, it was a few lovely Clinique products that I had ordered online.

For some reason, I love online shopping. I am addicted. I guess I really like the idea of getting a present in the mail--even though I've already paid for it. It's just fun.

ANYWAY, my new love is the classic Clinique eye cream that I got. I forget the exact name, but they've had it for a while now and I tried a small sample of it a couple years ago but never had the money to buy the real thing. I don't really have the money now either, but I figured 'what the hell' and bought it anyway. well, let me tell you--it is amazing. it is so hard for me to find any skin care products that I can use on my face due to my excessive eczema and sensitive skin. But Clinique is fragrance free and merely makes my skin look as divine as it can possibly look.

I've been using the cream as a kind of base for eye makeup. Putting it on before concealer and eyeshadow really helps it blend better and stay on longer. At night, I've been slapping generous heaps of it on before bed and waking up to smoothy-smooth non-puffy eyes. d-lish.

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