Saturday, September 28, 2013

How to Avoid a Wardrobe Malfunction

Wardrobe malfunctions can put us in some extremely embarrassing and awkward situations. We've all been there. The worst part is that these malfunctions always "just happen" to occur at the absolute worst times-- I'm talking about when you're out on a date, interviewing for your dream job, or even at an awesome party where every single person you know is watching you.

But luckily there are a few things you can do to prevent looking like a crazed lunatic who knows nothing about fashion!

Make sure your clothes fit you well
It sounds simple, but this is very important. One of the major causes of wardrobe malfunctions are ill fitting clothes. While you might not always be able to tell at a first glance if a certain clothing item has the potential to cause an unwanted surprise, testing out a few dance movements can give you a pretty good idea of what could happen when you start moving around.  Seriously, try dancing around at home for a half hour in whatever you're planning on wearing out.  If your boobs stay in place, and everything else works, you're good to go!

Try layering
If you do decide to opt for a potentially risky item, try layering to minimize the chances of experiencing embarrassing moments.

Avoid deodorant stains
This is one of the worst and it happens to everyone. Using invisible,clear deodorant is a quick and easy fix you that becomes mandatory whenever you are in a situation where you cannot afford to make mistakes. This simple, yet overlooked trick can save you a lot of frustration.

Use nude undergarments
Even though most of us are pretty careful when it comes to selecting lingerie and to avoid fashion faux pas, at times this strategy can backfire. If you are preparing for a event, your best bet is to stick to nude undergarments as these will help you look your best and will allow you to be more relaxed. And if anything pops out, it'll be a LOT less noticeable than, say, a black bra with pink polka dots (even though they are cute!)

Bring a set of safety pins and nail polish
I always have an emergency fashion pouch in my purse. It's helped me out a ton over the years. Safety pins are a must-have. You can save multiple problems by just pinning a strap up, or even pinning a hem that's come undone. If you also carry clear nail polish in your purse you'll be able to prevent tights from running. Apply clear nail polish on both of the ends to minimize the damage before it extends too much.

Bring additional wardrobe
While all the tips should help you eliminate lots of situations that might take an embarrassing turn for the worst, it's best to bring additional clothing with you to be able to avoid stressing to much over your wardrobe and to make sure that everything goes well. Try keeping a simple jersy wrap dress in your car.  They don't really wrinkle and you can wear them no matter what the weather is, or how fancy (or un-fancy) an event is).

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