Saturday, March 15, 2014

How to Pack Your Beauty Essentials

With Springtime right around the corner (hopefully!!), traveling is something that everyone is thinking about. Now's the time to plan a weekend getaway and go somewhere to relax.

But when it comes to your makeup, traveling with it can be a nightmare. There’s nothing worse than starting a vacation with foundation-covered clothes or crushed eye shadow (both of which have happened to me).

Here are a few tips to avoiding makeup mishaps, and get your cosmetics to your destination in one piece!

Separate Your Products
Before you start packing, separate all of your products into different categories, like lip colors or hair products, and put each into their own Ziplock bag. If something breaks or leaks, at least the problem is contained.

Get a Pill Box
This is a great tip. You can actually use a pill box to carry your lip products in.  Just cut off the tip with a butter knife and place it in each compartment for multiple shades on the go. I'm loving this Fashion Smart Pill Clutch ($3). It's cheap, and comes in tons of gorgey prints.

Pick Up a Pencil Case
Pencil cases are a great way to tote around brushes without bending the hairs. There are tons of cute options out there, but I'm a fan of this Ted Baker Cam Case ($30).

Use Your Socks
Packed all your products in your cosmetics bag and still have empty space? Clean (obviously!) socks make great shock absorbers.

Embrace Wipes
I use makeup wipes daily and love 'em. But if you don't, at least use them for travel. Swap your regular makeup remover for a wipe version. The package won’t leak or break--and they’re great for dirty hands, too. Try Yes to Grapefruit Brightening Facial Towelettes ($5.09). They work amazingly well and are made of mostly natural ingredients, so even the most sensitive skin can handle them.

Avoid Breakage
The powder puff or plastic sheet that came in your compact helps the product to stay in place while it travels to the store, so keep it in place for travel, too! Misplaced the puff? Insert a round makeup sponge or flat cotton pad for the same effect.

Slice Your Soap
Can’t leave home without your favorite soap? I hear ya. Slice off a piece with a knife and put it in a baggie instead of lugging the whole bar.

Use Plastic Wrap
If your foundation or moisturizer has a twist-off top, cut a piece of plastic wrap, place it over the top, and then screw on the lid to prevent spillage. And trust me--it totally works.

Bon Voyage!

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