Thursday, April 24, 2014

Beauty Boo-Boo: Getting High on Lip Balm

Umm...yes.  This is a real thing. As a lip product junkie, I naturally freaked out when I discovered that teens across the country are literally getting high from Burt's Bees Lip Balm (a product I always have on me).

This stuff is a serious beauty staple, as far as I m concerned. The tinted balms add just the right amount of color, while moisturizing in an amazing way. I've yet to find other balms that work as well.

Unfortunately, people are now using the tingly lip balm in a new way. They call it "Beezin". It’s when you apply a light layer of the balm over your eyelids. Apparently, doing this adds to the experience of being drunk or high. Some also claim that it helps them stay alert.

This is honestly the most ridiculous thing I've heard of in a while.

Not only is the idea of "Beezin" stupid, it also comes with a bunch of potential health issues. The peppermint oil in the lip balm is a very strong irritant and can cause inflammation, redness, and swelling.  The eye is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Using anything near it, other than specific eye products, is crazy.

So, my lovely readers, stick to using lip balm on your lips. It's not called "lip balm" for nothing.

That is all.

[Story found on Elite Daily. Read more here.]


Anonymous said...

That's actually quite funny because at the beginning of the article I was going to jokingly ask if it was safe to use with medication!! I do find it sad that some people are able to find a way to use almost anything and find a way to abuse it. I am usually pretty up to date as to what the latest regular store item is being abused but I had not heard this one. I also am a lover of Burt and the whole gang, as they work so well. Hope I don't have to start showing drivers license and have picture taken to buy lip balm! Or even worse bring my mother to buy it... Like for White Out and stuff.

Sarah said...

Some of the best lip balm I've ever used

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