Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to Find the PERFECT Black Heels

Possibly the most popular shoes in the world, the black pump is simply something that all ladies need to own. Honestly, if you only purchase one pair of shoes in your lifetime, this should be it.

The thing about black heels is that they go with practically every outfit possible. You can pair  them with an LBD (Little Black Dress) for some extra class, or even throw them on with some dark-washed jeans and a cute top for a daytime, non-fancy occasion.

Regardless of the cost, you'll find that you will be wearing them time and time again. Think of it this way: how much money would it cost per wear? Since you'll be wearing them a lot, a pair of $300 heels would end up costing you a couple bucks each time you wear them over the course of a year! (That's a nice little trick I learned to give myself an excuse to spend ridiculous amounts of works for expensive dresses too!)

Now, for the important part--finding the perfect shoe.

Here are the key points:

Check the Materials
Matte leather not only looks the most classic, and stands the test of time, but it's also breathable. Go for leather uppers and cushioned soles that will mold perfectly to your foot.

Inspect the Quality
Make sure to take the time to examine the stitching, the attachment of the heel to the rest of the shoe, and whether or not the uppers are fully glued to the soles. Well-made pairs won't have any gaps.

Get the Right Coverage
Choose pumps that don't dip too low in the front and show tons of "toe cleavage." It just looks trashy and weird. You want the line to hit just above where your toes end. This will ensure a leg-lengthening look.

Consider the Heel
Keep the height around three inches. Personally, I even go for two inches a lot of the time due to the constant running around that I'm always doing. Three inches is perfectly acceptable, and comfortable to wear for at least a few hours. And don't go for a stacked heel. Skinnier ones are much more versatile.

Don't go too Pointy
The narrower the tip gets, the more of a pinch your tootsies will feel! You want to pick something that has a bit of a slightly rounded shape. It'll end up being much more comfortable, yet still look incredibly polished.

Find a Simple Style
Try to avoid trendy embellishments, embossing, platforms or anything else that goes in and out of style. Though trends can be fun, these particular heels are meant to stand the test of time!

Follow these tips and you'll be sure to find your very own pair of perfectly pretty pumps!

Personally, I'm OBSESSED with the pictured Teddie Pumps from Coach ($198.00). They've got everything a good black heel needs and more! If you're looking for a cheaper option, Payless has some adorable black heels--their Karmen Pumps are fabulous and are under $30.

Happy shopping!

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