Tuesday, November 22, 2011

For Anyone Who Loves Shoes!

I don't know what's getting into me, but I've got Christmas on my mind.  Big time.  So forgive me in advance for going on a holiday season tangent.

I realize that we still have to get through the daunting family fun fest of Thanksgiving before we make it there, but seeing this super adorable Dazzling Heels Ornament set from Avon makes getting ready for the holiday oh so exciting!

The set comes with four gorgeous mini heel ornaments (each is about 7/16" W x 2 5/8" H).  To be honest, I wouldn't limit myself to using these doodads to decorate my Christmas tree--they'd look great almost anywhere.  Some examples?  In place of a bow on a gift, dangling over your desk, as a stocking stuffer, or even as a decorative fashion-y trinket anywhere in your home (just remove the string).  The colors do look a little holiday-esque, but the silver and gold shoes look like they could be used year-round.

Each set is only about $10.  These are def great to stock up on and give to all your fashionista friends (and of course keep some for yourself).  Avon has oodles of other fab ornaments like their Cosmetic Ornaments (the lipstick is my fave!!!), their Knit Sweater Ornaments, and their Dress Ornaments.  All of them are fairly inexpensive and really add a bit of fashion to the season!

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