Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Press On Nails that Work!

My nails are awful.  They're brittle, jagged and I can't stop biting them.  So I usually have incredibly short nails that I try to wear polish over, but honestly nothing covers up the fact that my nails simply suck at life.

When I was younger, I used to try press on nails.  Back then, I remember having my mom put them on for me, only to have them immediately fall off the second I touched anything.  The glue was horrible and the nails themselves looked super fake.

As I got older, I went back and forth between having acrylics put on, but my nails grow so fast that I needed to get them filled practically every week and that can get pretty pricey.  Just getting the nails themselves put on can cost about $60. 

Well, my problem has been solved!  My amazingly fabulous pseudo-sister, Lauren, introduced me to these Kiss Everlasting French Nails.  I saw her the other day and her nails looked amazing so I asked where/if she had gotten them done.  When she told me that they were from this kit, I was SHOCKED.  They looked so natural, gorgeous and chic!

I tried them myself last night (with her assistance) and really love the results. The little tab on the top makes applying them really easy--you just use it to hold the nail while you apply glue, slide it onto your nail, hold it for a few seconds and then break it off.  I suggest filing a little afterward because the tab does leave behind a slightly jagged tip.

These things are seriously amazing though.  I've been cleaning, doing dishes, typing, eating, writing, applying makeup...basically everything--and these nails have not come off or even budged the tiniest bit!

The best part:  You can buy a pack of 'em for under $7!

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