Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tweeze Please!

Living in New Hampshire, I've definitely seen my fair share of unibrows, bushy brows, and even a few brow mishaps that I can't describe in words.

Tweezing eyebrows is something that every woman should take seriously.  The brows frame the face.  No matter what you do with your makeup, nicely shaped brows can either make or break the look.

Here are some important guidelines to go by while tweezing:

Trim & Shape
Use a spiral brush to define brow shape, brushing hairs up and into place. Using a pair of stainless steel Brow Shaping Scissors, trim excess length from each brow.  Make sure to check for equal balance and proportion as you work. Do not over trim.  It's a fairly common mistake, but take it from me--you'll end up looking like an idiot. And like you're always "extra surprised". Hahaha

First, use a warm washcloth to open pores. Tweeze along the natural shape and arch of your brow line with a Slant Tweezer. Grab each individual hair at the root to avoid breakage, and pull smoothly in the direction of hair growth. Once basic shape is defined, tweeze between brows to remove anything that remotely resembles a unibrow

Apply brow powder or pencil to sparse areas using short, fine strokes. If you have dark hair, use a shade lighter than your hair color.  If you have blonde hair, use a shade darker.  Blend like crazy.

Finish by applying a moisturizing face cream around the brow area.

Random beauty tip:  throw tweezers in the freezer, so you numb the skin as you pluck. (Just make sure tweezers are completely dry before using them.)

I found this super cute brow set from Tweezerman and Serphora.  Their Hot Pink Mini Brow Rescue Kit is perfect for travel.  It includes a Mini Slant Tweezer (in pink!), Mini Browmousse, Mini Eyenhance Highlighter Pencil, and a Mini Brow Shaping Brush. Each set is $25.

So, hopefully these tips are helpful! Good luck on making your brows look absolutely fabulous!

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