Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Studs and a Bow? A Match Made in Heaven!

I'm absolutely smitten with this Turquoise Studded Bow Bracelet from Urban Peach Boutique.

I've been hugely into bracelets for the past year or so and this beautiful bauble would be the perfect addition to my ever-growing collection.

The fact that it's girly and a little tough at the same time is what I really find most appealing. I have plenty of girl-ified jewelry, and some tough, almost biker-chic pieces.  But I've yet to find something that captures both looks at the same time.  This bracelet does just that.  The bow is super elegant, but the studs give it some edge.

Color-wise, turquoise is very trendy this season, and it's a hue that looks great on everyone. And don't ask me how, but the color somehow magically goes with almost every outfit out there. You can even pair it with my latest nail polish love, Where's my Chauffeur? from Essie for a fun, matchy look.

The best part? Each bracelet is under $10!

Urban Peach Boutique is a store I hadn't heard much about in the past, but it's definitely worth a look.  Take a browse through their website for more pretty doodads!

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