Thursday, February 6, 2014

Let's Go Steady

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching...I'm lucky enough to have a few valentines in my life, but even if I didn't have people to drop hints to (yes, Dave--this is a hint), I'd probably be my own valentine just so I could get this super cute Let's Go Steady Necklace from the ever-classy Kate Spade.

I mean, what's not to love about it??! The necklace is dainty, and goes with every outfit imaginable. I'm honestly obsessed with it! And think about it: if someone gave you this and actually asked you to "go steady", wouldn't you basically have a seizure of delight??!

I really wouldn't mind going steady with myself, if it meant getting to wear this gorgey bauble. I'd probably go steady with just about anyone, even the fashion-challenged, if they bought this for me.

Each necklace is $78. But the cuteness is priceless!

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