Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Body Boo-Boo: Easting Charchol

Umm... yes. You read that correctly.  Apparently, loading your bod with charcoal is the latest fad for getting a slimmer figure.

Call me crazy, but I was under the impression that charcoal was not a good thing. Probably due to the fact that my parents raised me to believe that if I was naughty, Santa would leave me coal in my stocking. Just saying.

This isn't the first ridiculous weight loss concept that I've heard (remember the Barbie Pill?), but it's still quite bad.

Here are the details of this so-called diet.

According to Business Insider, people are now turning to activated charcoal as a health cure-all, in the hopes that it’ll do everything from “detoxing” their body (perhaps the most vague health concept of all time, right??!) to improving their skin, curing a hangover, and of course massive weight loss.

Never mind the fact that there is absolutely no scientific evidence to prove activated charcoal can achieve any of these benefits, or the fact that a quick Internet search proves that it’s usually only used to treat accidental poisonings or drug overdoses. Advocates say that the super-fine particles suck everything in your stomach to it—the problem is, doctors say it can suck out the good as well as the bad.

Sounds lovely, doesn't it?

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