Saturday, October 25, 2014

Things That Only Nail Polish Addicts Will Understand

Hi, my name is Alana. And I'm an addict. To nail polish.

I probably own about 200 different shades (even though my boyfriend claims that half of the pink hues I own look exactly the same--they don't).  But if you're reading this blog, chances are you understand where I'm coming from.

Here are a few nail polish facts that only polish enthusiasts will get:

1.) Your favorite day of the week is #ManiMonday.

2.) Colors are no longer "blue" or "purple." They're “Russian Navy” or “Lincoln Park After Dark.”

3.) Filling your refrigerator shelves with nail polish instead of milk is a perfectly acceptable organization strategy.

4.) You already know oodles of crazy facts about nail polish. (Yes, when it comes to different nail polish finishes, which you can also recite by heart.)

5.) You totally get Jennifer Lawrence's American Hustle character's obsession with the smell of her favorite topcoat. Even if you'll never admit it to anyone.

6.) Buying backups of polish shades you haven't used yet (but know you'll love) isn't crazy, it's planning for the future.

7.) People ask you if you feel okay when you wear the same shade of nail polish two days in a row.

8.) You frequently find "the one" (a.k.a. the perfect shade of polish), only to discover you already own several nearly identical shades at home— and you're not even a little bit mad. Because they're not the same, they're similar. Plus, you can never have to many gray-beige polishes.

9.) You let your nails "breathe" sans polish for the obligatory amount of time, but seriously contemplate not leaving the house on those days.

10.) You have thoughts (strong thoughts) about which polish is the best Essie shade ever created (the correct answer is Essie's Ballet Slippers, by the way.

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