Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Who DOESN'T Want to be a Disney Princess?!

I know that I've mentioned this several times, but wearing trinkets that remind us of our young obsession with princesses never goes out of style. The only rule is to keep it classic. Don't go for the gaudy Cinderella pendant in the Children's department.

Instead, try something like this gorgeous Disney Sterling Silver Cinderella Heel Necklace. It doesn't scream, "I'M A PRINCESS, DAMMIT!!!", but it has just enough to remind you of your fave fairytale.

Even if you're some kind of Disney hater (doubtful if you're reading this blog), this could still be worn as a simple necklace with a heel--maybe for a fashionista out there?

The necklace is incredibly dainty. It's the type of accessory that can be worn constantly and doesn't draw attention away from your outfit. At the same time, it looks a bit glamorous and certainly appears to be more expensive than it actually is.

I posted a pic of myself wearing the necklace on the left--Don't mind my translucently-white skin--It's super pretty, right?! The little heel is just fabulous.

Each necklace retails for $24.99 at Target. Amazing deal, no?

And if you aren't into Cinderella, but still want something Disney-inspired, they've got a whole collection of baubles to choose from.

Happy shopping!

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