Monday, June 15, 2015

Fashion Faux Pas: The Return of the Snuggie--Beach Style

Just when I thought we were finally done with the whole Snuggie thing, I stumbled upon this: the Beach Snuggie. It's "the beach towel with sleeves!"...I'm sorry, but this is utterly ridiculous.

First of all, the original Snuggie is nothing more than a backwards bathrobe. Seriously--go grab your bathrobe and throw it on backwards. The result is exactly the same.

As for the beach just seems horribly stupid. I get that some people want to stay covered while beachin' it up. My practically translucent Scottish skin hates the sun and I've got a sunburn even as I'm writing this. But there are just so many better options out there! Get a cute cover-up dress! Anything but this!  Hell, if you really want a "beach towel with sleeves", for some crazy reason, just get a terry cloth robe!

In general, the Snuggie has always been in my top five most hated products.  But this takes it to a whole new, and terrifying, level.

Honestly, if I see someone at the beach wearing one of these, chances are I'll flip out.

But, if you feel like taking the chance, or if you're a crazy person, you can get the Beach Snuggie at a bunch of department stores, as well as on for $15.

That is all.

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