Friday, December 18, 2015

Fashion Faux Pas: Cat Poop Jewelry

After scouring the internet for some cute Christmas gift ideas, I of course ended up finding something incredibly ridiculous and unacceptable.

What could be more important than adorable holiday gifts? Imitation Cat Poop Jewelry from Rover Wolfe Art Jewelry.

Before I go into how crazy the idea is, I want to give the creator's credit for making sure that it's overly clear that the jewelry is IMITATION cat poop. Because, if you're looking for anything made out of real cat poop, they're not the ones to buy from. Props, guys.

Now onto the actual jewelry...Really??! I have a decent chunk of friends who love cats. I even personally know a couple "crazy cat ladies". None of them would wear this jewelry. Why? Because even if you're obsessed with cats to the point of somehow loving their poop, there is honestly NO WAY to tell that the imitation poop is supposed to be from a cat!!! It just looks like you are literally wearing shit!

I don't know about you, but I certainly don't want to gallivant around town wearing poop accessories.

It's not even a funny idea to give someone as a joke, knowing that they won't wear it. I mean, who wants to get jewelry they can't wear?! No one. Trust me.

I just can't imagine anyone actually wanting these. What would be the point?

If for some ungodly reason you think that wearing imitation crap (get it? hahaha) is a good idea, the site sells the necklace for $17 and the earrings for $22.

Oh, and if you're wondering what the jewelry looks like on, here's a pic from the site of someone wearing the necklace:


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