Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: Victoria's Secret Pajamas

When I was younger, my mom always bought matching pajamas for herself, my sister, and me to wear on Christmas Eve. It was a super fun tradition because not only did we get to open a gift before Christmas morning, but we also looked so cute in the same sleepwear!

Most of the time, the pajamas my mom picked out were from Victoria's Secret, so of course the quality was great. I recently checked out the site's pajamas just to see what they had to offer this year and I found some gorgeous options. My fave is their Pillowtalk Tank Pajama set. It comes in a bunch of different colors, but personally I'm a fan of the look pictured above.

They look so incredibly comfy and adorable. Yes, you can wear them the night before Christmas, but because they aren't really holiday-themed you can wear them all year long!

Each set comes with PJ pants, a tank top, and a limited edition eye mask. I'm obsessed with eye masks, so that's got me hooked. You can also choose the length of the pants, which is perfect for a short gal like me!

You can purchase the pajamas for $39.50 (it's currently on sale, usually it retails for $54.50--what a deal!!).

So start a fabulous new tradition this year and look great for when Santa stops by!

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