Thursday, July 12, 2012

Body Blunder: the "Tightens Vagina Expert"

I stumbled upon this gem today. I can't really wrap my mind around it.  Apparently, the product tightens your...ahem...private area.  I highly doubt that it works. And I can think of a lot of better things to spend my money on.

The most hilarious thing about this product is actually the packaging.  I love that the Chinese to English translation is "Tightens Vagina Expert".  You'd think that someone would have picked up on the grammatical error, but no.

Also, the ingredients read as follows: top soybean extract, collagen, albizia julibrissin durazz, galla chinensis, psoralea corylifolia, incaryillea sinemsis lam, morinda umbellate, cortext eucommiae, pericarpium granati, rhizome curcumae longae, and so on.

Yes, the package actually lists "and so on" at the end of the list of ingredients!! Can you even believe it??! I mean, what else could be in there? It might be something crazy! I think they got to a certain point and just said, “Screw it, it’s full of a bunch of weird crap, you don’t know what it is and you don’t care if you’re eating a mystery pill to tighten vagina expert.”

The whole thing is beyond ridiculous.  I don't normally write about stuff like this, but I just couldn't help myself from sharing the horror!

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