Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fab Convertible Dress

In case you ladies haven't picked up on it, I'm the ultimate girly girl.  I spend my summers almost exclusively in dresses--it's my fave season for fashion.

So it almost goes without saying that I'm constantly looking all over the place for cute dresses.  Even though I probably have over 20, I just can't resist this Change My Mind Striped Convertible Dress from Mark.

It has everything that you need in a dress; it's flowy in just the right spots, and is flattering for nearly all body types.  The best part? You can wear the dress three different ways! Each look is gorgeous.  And if you're like moi, you don't like wearing the same dress multiple times, so the fact that you can switch it up a bit is fantastic.

You can get this fabbity-fabulous dress for $35. Not bad, right?!

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