Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sneaky Ways Bacteria is Getting into Your Makeup

It sounds scary--and it is. Most ladies aren't even aware that bacteria can settle into your beauty products. Even though you may be aware that you need to clean your makeup brushes once a week, and that you need to toss out products once they've expired (you can pat yourself on the back for that!) You can still end up having bacteria-laden products. Bacteria is super sneaky and can get into your makeup easier than you think. And once it gets into your makeup, it can cause oodles of skin problems like acne, redness, and even infection. Not fun.

Here are some ways that bacteria is getting into your makeup, and how to avoid it!

Mascara pumping: We've all done this. Mascara pumping is when we try and get more product on to the brush. What we’re actually doing is drying out the mascara, creating a dry flaky product to form at the top, which becomes breeding ground for germs. We then put that on our eyes, back into the tube and then back onto our eyes. Instead of pumping the brush into the mascara, swirl it inside and never use the same mascara for any longer than three months.

Tubes vs. Jars: This is a no brainer. Jars tend to collect tons of germs as you put your hands into a product multiple times. If possible, go with a tube where you can just squeeze out the product, if you can’t do that, then make sure to use the product with a brush or sponge instead of your fingers.

Reapplying Lipstick After Eating: This goes for any lip product, but when you reapply your lipstick directly after eating, you’re pressing left over food particles into your lips, and into the product itself. Bacteria can then live on the surface of lipstick, or inside the tube of lip gloss, which will spread onto your lips in the next application. Make sure you fully wipe off any food on your lips and if possible, and try to brush your teeth before applying lip color.

Not Cleaning Your Makeup Bag: This is a big one--I've even been guilty of this myself! If you think cleaning every one of your makeup products is enough, it isn't. Your makeup bag also needs to be cleaned out. If it’s a canvas bag, you can throw it in the washing machine with your towels or in the dishwasher to get any loose bacteria out of the bottom of the bag. If it isn't a canvas bag, you can use disinfecting wipes to wipe out the inside without ruining the outside of the bag.

I hope that helps! Good luck ladies, and stay germ-free!

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