Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fashion Faux Pas: Return of the Man Purse

Guess what??! The man purse is back--and more horrifying than ever.

A few years ago, I wrote about my hatred of man purses. And later on, I wrote about it again. But somehow, men all over the place are still buying ridiculous man purses.

It doesn't help that Fossil, usually one of my fave retailers, has an ad in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan featuring a man (I'm 99% sure, at least), carrying their very popular Sydney Satchel.

Honestly, I love the bag. I want it. But seeing a guy carry it? Well, that makes it a little less than desirable.

Okay, so there's a small chance that the model is just a very masculine-looking gal. But everyone I've shown this ad to has immediately said that it's a man. And to have a man carry around such a chic, lady-like bag is just awful. It makes me second guess my own fashion sense. I mean, is this a cool look?? Did I miss something? Like a huge fashion meeting that came to the conclusion that guys can carry women's purses and still look normal? Possibly. But I highly doubt it.

The only good thing that's come out of the ad is that I've had my magazine open to the same page, and have been studying it like crazy.

So, if you're a WOMAN and would like to purchase this WOMAN'S BAG, it's selling for $208 and also comes in black. Guys need not even look at it, unless they're shopping for their lady friend.

That is all.


Never Say Die Beauty said...

I'm going to have to make sure my guy sees this post. In the summer, he carries a man purse. It drives me nuts, but he claims that in the hot weather when he doesn't wear a jacket, he has no place to keep his wallet, his pen and 3x5 cards (he's a writer), his comb, his change etc etc. I've given up ;)

Anonymous said...

Haha....I don't even have to see it, just the thought of my husband carrying a purse is funny enough to make me laugh till I cry! But I would like to say, that men who like them, should definitely wear harem pants!

daydreaming beauty said...

ummmm, this is SO not manly. I saw a guy carrying his lady's purse the other day at the mall so she could carry her tiny dog. Not even then is a man purse ok. lol

Alana said...

hahaha thanks for reading, ladies!! And I totally agree--there is NO time when a man purse is acceptable!!

Anonymous said...

The thought of my husband saying, "Wait a minute, I'll check my purse", isn't just funny, it ALSO MEANS HE CAN'T HOLD MINE, WHEN I NEED HIM TOO!! That said, I would like to mention a story on the news about a 13 year old boy who got suspended from school because he carries a Vera Bradley purse. He was told, to either leave the purse at home or not come back. They interviewed school-mates, and all of the kids, BOTH guys and girls(who are allowed to bring purses), and all of the kids, thought it was unfair. The basic response was, "I don't see anything wrong with it. Let him carry what he wants". In this situation, I have to say it's OK. The girls are allowed, so why can't he. I DEFINITELY DO NOT AGREE WITH "designer" CHOICE,, BUT THINK HE SHOULD BE ALLOWED. I might agree with suspension over the Vera Bradley bag, but if he had a nice Kate Spade, or Michael Kors, what's the problem? Just because we don't like men to have purses, that's only our opinion and thoughts, but it's not our right, and I am shocked and disgusted, by ANY school official who has taken his choice away. I actually admire his courage to pick up his Vera Bradley bag and go (again bad designer choice). We can choose a man who DOES NOT in any, way, shape or form, want a purse, but we have no right to take that choice away. At least he is comfortable with himself, not to hide who he is, and express himself freely. It's the one's who don't do that and are forced into hiding things, that end up shooting people at schools, and I can't help but think that the school, in some situations, are partly responsible for the rise in school shootings, lately. What do you think?

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