Friday, November 1, 2013

"Why Do Your Eyes Look So Awesome??!"

That's a question I've been getting a lot recently...well, okay. Variations of it. And mostly it might just be me talking to myself in the mirror. But still--this eye-brightening tip does make eyes look fabulous.

If you haven't tried out Flirt!, available at Khol's, you seriously need to. The entire makeup line is stock full of gorgeous products that every makeup lover lusts after. Particularly, I happen to love the mascaras that Flirt! has to offer. They always do what they say they'll do (lengthen, curl, add volume, etc), plus they usually come in a few fun colors.

Out of all their mascara products, my fave is All That Lash. All of the colors are super pretty--I wear the black one on a daily basis! But the blue hue is the real winner.

I've tried out blue mascaras in the past, and just never really found one that worked for me. They were all either much too bright, or clumped up, or just made me look like a stupid prostitute-clown hybrid. Not good.

But for some reason, All That Lash's blue color didn't do any of those things! The blue isn't really true to what shows up in the picture. It's much darker, and has a bit of a purple tint to it.

You can wear it on its own, which of course makes the blue a bit more obvious, or you can do what I've been loving lately--wearing one coat of it to finish off your mascara routine (which for me, can mean 5748359 different mascaras with a brush going through my lashes between layers. Don't judge).

I absolutely love the effect that the blue has on my already done-up eyes! And because I'm only adding a touch of color, I don't have to really go wild as far as matching my shadow to my lashes or anything. In fact, I find that it looks best with a nice, simple brown smoky eye.

While sporting that look, I have gotten legitimate compliments. Most people don't know what it is about me, or my makeup, they just know that I look great and my eyes look brighter.

Blue is proven to make the whites of eyes look bright, so that's a nice tip to have.

So, if you're scared to try colored mascaras, don't be! You can layer it on as thin (or as thick) as you want! And this brand is the perfect one to start with. I promise, compliments will be coming your way in no time!

Each tube is $15. Grab one in the blue, and also grab a black one just for the heck of it. Yes, it's that good.

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