Friday, January 17, 2014

Fashion Faux Pas: Twinsies

Just when I thought the whole "adult onesie" thing was as bad as it could possibly get, I stumbled upon the latest "trend" in comfort-wear: Twinsies.

Now you can look like an idiot, and share the experience with another person--who just happens to be attached to you.

As much as I hated the onesie craze, I understood it. I'm sure they're very comfortable. But I just don't get why anyone would ever want to literally be attached at the hip to anyone, no matter how comfortable the suit itself is. I mean, I love my boyfriend. And hanging out with him is lovely. I also like to snuggle. But would I want to slide into a pair of ugly pajamas for two? No.

Colin Leggatt, the marketing director for the Twinsies, had this to say: “The Twinsie offers a practical but fun solution for those wanting to stay warm this winter without running up costly energy bills. And what a fantastic present for the person in your life, or even the person you’d like to get closest to!”

Umm...someone you want to get close to? What would that entail? Stalking someone and surprising them with half of a large, ridiculous pj set? I hate to say it, but that's not the way to "get close to someone".  It's a good way to get a restraining order put against you.

As for saving money on energy bills, a blanket can do the same thing!

I can't even believe that this product exists. Why does the world keep coming up with this crap??!

That is all.

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