Friday, January 3, 2014

Winter Blues

Lately, I've really been having a crazy love affair with blue nail polish.

This pretty OPI hue, I Vant To Be A-lone Star (from way back in their Texas Collection for Spring/Summer 2011), has been the bottle I've been reaching for the most over the past few weeks.

If you aren't familiar with the shade, it's a pale blue creme with silver shimmer. It's not overly shimmery--there's just enough to lighten the color up a bit and the effect is rather icicle-esque. Very pretty.

Even though this is technically a color that should be worn when the weather is nice and warm, I really think it's a fabulous and unique look for the season. It looks so amazingly good that I don't even care if I piss off the nail polish gods.

Because the hue is so light, it looks good with lots of different outfits and looks. I've also been playing around with different silver glitter polishes over the blue, and I've found that you can really glam this color up! You can easily take it to winter wonderland status with a simple glitter swipe (try it on an accent nail before committing to the full look). That said, it also looks classically pretty on its own.

Each bottle usually retails for about $8, depending on where you look. But, I did a little digging and found it for $2.23 on! Huzzah!

Happy painting!

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