Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How to Wear Bold Lipstick

I've always been  firm believer that bold, red lipstick can make your life better. It's the cheapest way to brighten up your day. Red lipstick simply makes everything okay. It's a confidence booster, and there are oodles of hues to choose from.

Below is a list of when and where you can bust out your amazing red pucker without any fear:

When You're Wearing Glasses - Though eye makeup with glasses might be a bit tricky, lipstick can be your best friend when it comes to standing out in your spectacles. Go easy on the eye makeup, and your bold lips will look luscious!

Heading to Brunch With the Girls - If brunch isn't the time to test drive some beauty trends, I don't know what is. Anytime I'm trying out a new product, I like to get some input from my friends (the brutally honest ones are the best for this).

That Presentation at Work - Lipstick is a known confidence booster, so if you need an extra nudge when it comes to public speaking, go for a powerful shade of red lipstick.

Visiting Your Family Back Home - When you move out of your childhood home, there's something about going back home to visit that makes you want to look your best. Call it wanting to show mom and dad that you're doing well, but considering how fantastic lipstick can make you look, I say apply away!

On Your Wedding Day - Is there anything more chic than a classic bride wearing a retro red lip? I think not, and as long as your lipstick stays put and won't transfer onto your dress, you'll be looking at your wedding photos in 20 years not regretting it one bit.

Here are some of my bold lip picks:

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