Sunday, November 30, 2014

I Want This Now: VS Glam and Go Makeup Palette

Oh Victoria's Secret, how I love thee!

I constantly find myself obsessed with almost all of Victoria's Secret's makeup products. It's not really the first place you think of when you picture amazing makeup, but quite honestly, most of my fave products are from their incredible line.

My current love? The VS Glam and Go Portable Makeup Palette.

This ultimate makeup set contains an arsenal of endless glam looks, all in one convenient kit. The palette itself is small enough to keep with you at all times and is completely customizable (huzzah!). You can mix and match the different products, depending on the look you're going for.

Here's a peek at what comes in the set:

As you can see, there are tons of different options for you to fill your palette with.

Included are the following:
  • 16 eye shadows, 1 g/.03 oz
  • 4 blushes, 2.5g/.08 oz
  • 2 pencil eye liners, 1 g/.03 oz
  • 3 lip glosses, 2.5g/.08 oz
  • 2 applicators
  • 4 VS "Get the Look" tutorials
  • 1 portable palette: 5"L x 2¼"W x ¾"H

You can pick from all the fab items and create your very own custom look to keep with you all day!

The set is, not surprisingly, almost a $200 value. I've tried most of the products on their own, and I'd probably pay that price for the great quality and options that you get with this kit. However, the palette is currently on sale for the ridiculously cheap price of $20. Pretty amazing, right??!

It's a really great buy for any makeup-loving girl. Personally, I'd buy one for myself, and stock up on a bunch to give as gifts.

Looking for a palette that doesn't require any decision making? Victoria's Secret also has a gorgey new Bombshell Blooms Mini-Makeup Palette that 's retailing at $15. It's got everything you need to have on hand: 8 eyeshadow hues, 4 lipstick colors, and a gorgeous shade of blush.

Either way, Victoria's Secret is definitely worth checking out this season!

Happy shopping!

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