Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Look For Less: Double Wrap Studded Bracelet

Bracelets are one of my all-time favorite accessories. I absolutely love wearing tons of bangles. They're a great way to make any outfit look unique. 

Studded bracelets are currently at the top of my accessory list. They can toughen up whatever you're wearing and look fabulous on everyone.

Pictured above are two very similar-looking trinkets. The difference? The one on the left is an Hermes bracelet and retails for $520. On the right is an almost identical wrap bracelet from Forever 21 that costs a mere $6.80.

Quite a price difference, right?! Personally, I'm never planning on spending hundreds of dollars on a bracelet. It's just not happening. Especially since the cheaper version looks so much like the ridiculously over-priced pick.

That said, both bracelets are gorgeous. The gold plated pyramid and ring detail provides just the right amount of edge for any ensemble. The simple black leather strap allows for limitless flexibility when it comes to incorporating this piece into any outfit. It's quite honestly the perfect accessory for anyone, and would make a great gift (hint, hint).

What do you think of this look for less? Would you get wrapped up in either bracelet?

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