Monday, December 15, 2014

Pucker Up For the Holidays!

For all you lip gloss lovers, Sephora has oodles of fabbity-fabulous lip sets just in time for the holidays.  I probably spent over an hour browsing their lip sets alone today, and of course I've added basically every product the store has to offer to my ever-growing Christmas wish list (which is totally okay for a 29-year-old woman to have).

That said, I did find one set that gave me a bit of a seizure of delight.  Soap and Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker Total Kiss Up Lip Plumpers Set looks absolutely divine. I've been a huge fan of their plumpers for a while now, and this super sexy set is just calling out to my lips!

What I love most about their plumping gloss is that it really works (!!!), but doesn't irritate my lips, like others I've tried in the past.  The gloss is also very long-lasting, and simply feels amazing.

The colors included in this particular gift set are perfect for holiday parties, regardless of how fancy they may be, and will also work throughout the season for nearly any occasion.  The colors are Candy Gloss (champagne shimmer/vanilla flavor), Half Naked (dusty rose/buttered popcorn flavor), and Punch Bowl (hot berry pink/ raspberry chocolate flavor). You can try them individually, or mix them up to create a unique look.  Each color is somehow magically flattering on most skintones--even my ridiculously pale skin can pull off these gorgeous shades.

Each lovely set is $15--actually a great price for what you're getting--and would make a perfect gift for any gal on your Christmas list (including yourself, obviously!) The set is a new, exclusive, limited-edition product, so make sure to grab 'em while you can. I have a pretty good feeling that they're going to go quickly.

Happy shopping!

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