Thursday, August 18, 2011

Amazingly Cute Flat Iron for $20 (That Actually WORKS!)

I stumbled into Marshall's the other day to kill some time and literally walked into a display of adorable patterned flat irons. Since a girl can never have too many flat irons (this is my third or fourth!), I took a look at a box to get the details.  I'm personally a CHI  and/or ghd snob, so it takes a lot for me to reach out and try something else.

The Cermika PRO flat irons I was looking at seemed to have everything that high-end straighteners have--ceramic plates, temperature controlled heat that goes up to 450 degrees...everything! Except that they also all had super cute designs and only cost $20!!

Crazy, right?!

So I skeptically bought one, assuming that there was no way it'd be on par with my other flat irons. I was SO wrong! Not only are the Cermika irons cute as a button; they also work just as well as my $200 CHI!

The only problem? I haven't been able to find them online. Anywhere. And I have no idea how long they'll be at Marshall's. But if I were you, I'd run to the nearest store and stock up! The patterns are endless and will truly make you want to straighten your hair, merely since you'll be able to use something so cute!

Here's another design I found online:

Totally fabulous, right? I also saw a light blue one with retro flowers on it that I just might have to pick up...Eeee!! I love finding cheap goodies!!

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