Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Virtual Makeover

I recently stumbled across an awesome virtual makeover I'm not sure if it only recently came out, or if I've just been missing it for all these years, but the makeover program is honestly the best I've ever seen.

A few years ago, a few different websites tried to make their own virtual makeover programs, but it was tricky to do because the makeup never lined up perfectly with your face. Taaz somehow automatically picks up on where your eyes, lips, head, cheeks, and everything else is in the picture. For best results, upload a picture of yourself with your hair pulled back facing the camera head on. I actually tested the website and uploaded a photo of myself with my head tilted to the side just to see what would happen and the program still found my eyes and everything!

If, for some reason, the program doesn't correctly select your features, you can actually move the makeup around. The best part? There are oodles of makeup colors to try and the site has the brands and shades listed of what you are using. The possibilities are endless. This is also a good place to try different hair styles before you do something drastic to avoid looking like a fool. Hooray!

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